Reflective Leashes with Shock Absorber

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Petique, Inc.™ Reflectiful Leashes are designed with reflective strips and a shock absorbing spring to keep you and your pets safe during your walks. The shock absorbing spring helps absorb the tug. It helps relieve pressure on your dog or cat's neck as well as your arm. Walking your pets will be more comfortable and enjoyable! Even when you have a dog that tugs, the grip is extremely comfortable on your hands!

Tips: The thinner leash is recommended for light weight pets and the thicker leash is more suitable for heavier pets. For dogs that tug and pull, the shorter leash is highly recommended.


  • Strongly braided leash contains sewn-in reflective material
  • Lightweight Shock Absorber
  • Instant control with any size dog
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sleek pleather accent on the Kandy Kane and Elektric Blue
  • Strong weave accent on the Bumblebee, Lady Bug, and Dragonfly


Small .20 LB
5/16" x 48"
For pets up to 20 LB

Medium .35 lb
1/2" x 48"
For pets up to 40 LB

Large .70 lb
3/4" x 48"
For pets up to 65 LB

XL .55 lb
3/4" x 24"
For pets up to 95 lb

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