Petique's Mission and Story

Pronounced (Pet-Teek), Pet Boutique in one word.

Our Pets, Our Planet, Our Purpose

We are a small woman-owned business with a mission to provide sustainable, innovative, and non-toxic pet products to help your pets live longer and healthier lives as well as help our planet become a cleaner place for future generations.

We help pet parents experience a lifetime of adventures with their best FURiends with fun, travel-worthy, and sustainable pet products that are safe for the whole family! 
Petique mission story

Passion for Creating a Happy, Safe, and Healthy Environment

Petique, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing women-owned pet supply companies founded in 2017 by Kathy and her team who have over 30 years of experience in product development, manufacturing, and design.  We started Petique, Inc. to pilot the pet industry away from the toxic, chemical-filled products that harm our pets and the planet. We have grown our product line from our best-selling and long-lasting All-Terrain Pet Joggers, Durable Pet Strollers, and Bedside Lounge Pet bunk Bed to an expansive line of high-quality pet supplies such as pet carriers, eco hemp dog toys, sustainable cat houses, pet beds, tug control leashes, and more! We work to conserve our ecological resources to help keep the planet thriving!

petique pet product design and innovation


The Discovery

Hershey is the INSPIRATION behind Petique! Kathy wasn't allowed to have any pets growing up (besides fish) because her mom was traumatized when she was bit by a mountain dog as a young girl. When Kathy was in University, she secretly gets her very first dog in 2010, Hershey the Pomeranian, at 8 weeks old! Hershey was diagnosed with collapsing trachea and heart murmur at a young age, so walking long distances and running wasn't the best thing for him.

Our pets are our fur babies and there are times when we feel guilty for leaving them at home. Kathy loves to travel and exercise because being healthy keeps you happy and energized! We found a manufacturer who made quality strollers that held the same standards as baby strollers and THAT'S how our very first collection was born! Kathy finally had the opportunity to take Hershey out jogging and biking with her in Petique's All Terrain Pet Jogger & Hershey was LIVING for it! 

 Petique CEO Founder story


Whether it's developing sustainable and non-toxic products, reliable travel gear, or innovative toys, Petique, Inc. delivers products you and your pets can enjoy for years to come.

We have pet parents from all over the world asking to purchase Petique products. Whether you're a Sales Rep in the States or a distributor outside the USA, please contact us at 😊 


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You'll find Pet and Pets products sprinkled throughout our website. This is an affordable line of reliable pet products designed to enrich the lifestyle for your dogs, cats, and small animals. Pet and pets puts the fun in functionality, as we focus on developing pet products to help keep you, your pets, and our planet happy and healthy with more walks and fresh air!


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