Our Pets, Our Planet, Our Purpose
Petique, Inc. is a women owned company specializing in non-toxic pet supplies and consumables. As pet owners, we share a passion in creating a positive, healthy, and fun environment for your furry family members. We strive to create non-toxic pet products that conserve our ecological balance when possible, while avoiding depletion of natural resources. 

We love your pets just as much as we love the planet
Our mission is to provide safe, innovative, and high-quality pet products to enrich your pet’s lifestyle, while taking action to help the animals and the planet we live in.

Our Team
We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product development, and design. Whether it's developing eco-friendly and non-toxic items, reliable travel gear, or innovative toys, Petique delivers products you and your pets can enjoy for years to come.  



Hello beautiful people :)

A little something about me and how Petique became a women and family owned company.

After living in San Francisco for five years, I had grown to love the environment and the lush greenery all around me. With the realization of global warming, pollution, and decreasing wild life, I wanted to help save the animals, the planet and make our world a better place to live in. During the second year of #LivingMyBestLife (haha) in San Francisco, I went ahead and purchased my first and only dog! Even though I was never allowed to own pets growing up (besides fish) because my mom was bit by a dog (traumatic experience) when she was a little girl, I have always been an animal lover. They are just sooo CUTE and filled with genuine feelings/emotions! I can't get enough of animals!

Studying International Business in college, I had gained experiences and developed connections where I was able to ignite my passion in providing safe, innovative, high-quality, and ECO dog and cat products. Here's a funny twist, not only is my mom in love with my dog (overcoming her traumatic experience), she is also TEAM PETIQUE and we are working together to help animals live a healthier life and the planet a cleaner place to live in! As a dog owner and a dog trainer, I have always wanted to make pet owners and their pet's lives easier by creating ergonomic and stylish products! I am currently learning more about the behaviors of cats. I love them <3

Works alongside experts with over 30 years of experience in product development.
Develop products that reduce as much carbon foot print as possible
We help pet owners give their pets a safe and natural living environment. Creating innovative products that are safe and fun for pets and the environment!


Duarte, Ca

Position: Quality assurance, Quality pawfection assurance
Started: April 22. 2019

At Petique, Inc. I make sure that our fury friend’s products are safe and meet our highest standards of quality and pawfection so that they arrive to you in purr-fect conditions!

My pets' names are Jetta, Koda and Carlee, Giant Schnauzers As a dog parent, I’m always worried about keeping my pets happy and safe. I am proud to be part of Petique where we strive to make safe, nontoxic, and ecofriendly products. I love working for a company that cares about our pets and planet! Petique is also a woman owned company, it’s empowering to see how the company continues to grow thanks to all of our efforts, experience, and diverse knowledge within the pet industry.

My hobbies are hiking, baking, going to Disneyland, and crafting.

June Liu

Phillip Ranch, CA

Graphic Designer

Started July 6, 2017

I design the art on our logos and the cute packaging you receive your items in! I also help with web design and content to make our website fun and PAWtastic!

My dog Lizzie is a Great Pyrenees. She is 11 years old.

I like working at Petique because it allows me to continue growing my creative profession. I love the fun and versatility of what I get to work on at Petique and I LOVE ALL ANIMALS!!!!

My hobbies are dancing, cooking, and hiking

Patty Luna

San Dimas, CA

Account Executive

My pet: MY cat – KIKI. She was rescued from the shelter just one day before three sets of litters were to be euthanized. Funny Fact about Kiki. She’s literally a scaredy-cat. Scared of the outdoors, birds, other cats, water, her own reflection, etc. However, despite all her quirks, she’s still one cool cat!

I had always wanted to get into the pet industry and was so happy the opportunity to work for Petique came through. I am proud and honored to be a part of a growing brand that recognizes the importance of not only producing high quality, eco-friendly products, but also recognizes that our pet’s needs are just as important as humans.

I am and have always been a pet lover. I am an advocate for spay and neutering and animal rescue and have spent numerous hours volunteering for such causes. My long-life dream (after hitting the lottery) has always been to open an animal sanctuary/adoption center for lost and abandoned pets. My family and close friends all share the same dream.

In my spare time, I like to spend it with my family. Especially my two children who don’t really give me a choice to do anything other than hang out with them, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kevin Nguyen

West Covina

EDI | Logistics

Started November, 2018

My Pet: Aloha the Betta Fish

Having a very multi-function and re-use mindset allows me an opportunity to assist in developing new ways to help reduce our global footprint and increase awareness on the importance of living an eco-friendly lifestyle even regarding our pets.

If I’m not at home, chances are I’m at Disneyland holding a churro in each hand.

Vivian Chen

Marketing Specialist

I plan & develop a social media content calendar for relevant channels. I also create, publish and analyze the performance of social media posts and ongoing email campaigns. Additionally, I manage and regularly maintain website content and associate to the organic marketing growth.

My Pets:
Kiki - Tabby Cat
Ozzy - Norwegian Forest Cat
Mocha - Pomeranian Poodle Mix

I like Petique's focus on lowering the carbon footprint!

Often overlooked, our increased carbon footprint has the capacity to harm not only our environment but our health as well. I’m proud to work at a company that is actively helping the environment.

I’m currently learning the ukulele and love to create things with my hands!