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Riding in Style

I love how easy Petique’s trailblazer pet jogger is to assemble! It’s so light and portable! It’s so easy for me to remove the wheels and it folds easily to fit in the car.

Feline Villa Cat House
Frank and Gayle Tissell
Perfect for multi-cat homes!

I have 6 cats (four are over 15 pounds), and was a bit doubtful about how long the Feline Villa Cat House would hold up. I was worried about the structural integrity of the second and third stories and it’s ability to hold over 30 pounds worth of cat, and also what would happen when my cats decided to start chewing on it (they love cardboard).

When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was how durable the cardboard felt. While building it, the structure itself felt solid as well. Once the Villa was all put together, several of my cats started to explore without any encouragement, and made themselves at home right away. The cardboard is extremely thick, and there are two pieces per wall; my biggest cat has given it his best effort to chew through the cardboard but is only able to make dents! The scratchers have held up beautifully over time as well, and all 6 of my cats adore it. They especially seem to love the height, and the fact that it is wide and deep enough that they can be around each other but not too close ;)

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with multiple cats and/or cats who love to chew cardboard. Speaking as someone who has cardboard boxes around her house in various stages of being destroyed, this product is beyond worth it. I have had the Villa for over 2 months now, and you can see in the pictures how well it’s worn over time (a regular cardboard box or scratcher typically has a lifespan of about a month tops in my home). I will definitely be buying more of Petique’s cat houses and scratcher, and begin phasing out the regular boxes!

We love our new stroller

I never thought I would use a stroller but my dog just recently went through surgery and can’t really go out. He seems to be depressed lately so I gave in and got a stroller. After doing my research, I decided to order Petique’s trailblazer pet jogger because I like to go out and jog.!I’ve been taking my dog on my runs and he happy again! I like that the stroller is low to the ground so I don’t have to carry him inside. He’s a 50 lb English bulldog.

Our new favorite bed

My dogs love their new bed! I got the brown one and the black one and they love laying in it. They always go in to rest. Best purchase ever!

Love it use it everyday, everywhere!!!

In the snow, gravel, sand and grass it goes through it all with ease. We’ve been everywhere the dogs LOVE IT. It’s Augie’s and Cotton’s rolling kennel. They go in retail stores,outdoor seating at restaurants even Walmart. We walk daily, we’ve put a lot of miles on it and it’s still going strong. Super easy to breakdown and load up. The cover and inserts are washable so when it’s dirty it’s easily cleaned. I use Simple green it comes out great.

My cats love their stroller so much

May two cats are always snuggling in their stroller. I leave it in the house with a blanket it and they love going in it to snuggle day and night!

Pleasantly surprised

A few years ago I purchased – from another company – a very expensive all-organic rectangular dog bed. For the first couple years, my dogs totally ignored it. Since that time they’ve occasionally used it but, mostly, they’ve enjoyed digging on it. Eventually they dug right through the cover.
When I called the company from which I’d purchased it, I was informed that they don’t have replacement covers, but that I could wrap a blanket around it….
When I happened across this Petique hemp cover, I realized the small had the same dimensions as the bed, so I took a chance and ordered it. It fits PERFECTLY; naturally, no one has used the bed yet…

Love it!

cute and fun. My dog loves looking for the treats. its made with great quality. My dog likes to play rough with his toys and this has held up really well. The design is also really cute, have not seen many like this out there.

So cute!

Our little guys love this stroller! Only down side is that it isn’t easily collapsible — you have to take the carriers out. But it is super easy to use and light weight!


I got this for my rabbit because he LOVES " houses, hidey places". He has spilled over into 2 rooms with all his fun gear and toys. I have learned that cat "things" usually make for excellent bunny fun and the joy he expresses is so rewarding

I Love Spoiling My Fur Kids

This is a great pet stroller! Easy to assemble the wheels and light weight!

Wonderful Stroller

I bought this stroller 3 years ago and still love it. I walk my boy, Cuddlin’ Cooper with a group of friends. Two other have this model of Petique stroller and 3 other women have other types of strollers. The Petique is far and away the best product. It is roomier and far more mobile. We hike trails as well as sidewalks. I spend winters in Arizona and summers in New Mexico and the sun and low humidity have faded the color. No rotting on any of the material but I see a new ride in my fur baby’s future. It will be exactly like the last one!

It lasts!!

this guy has lasted in our house for 7 months. I've never had a chew toy last this long.

Wonderful dog blanket

I love this blanket and, because I bought a large one, I use it on the couch, sharing it with my 2 medium sized dogs. It feels good to the touch, doesn't seem to collect dog hair and the dogs love it too.

I love this so much

I love this so much and looked for something like a side car for my old dog. She was on medication that was making her have accidents in her bed. We had just bought a new mattress and avoided any permanent damage due to water resistant pads, blankets and anything else you could think of. I wanted her to still feel Close to us and avoided damage to our new mattress and our feeling lol. I found this at Wayfair on sell and jumped bc the price dropped and was almost 100 dollars less than others retailers. Fyi the color isn't orange like it looks in the picture. So that was a bonus. It has a top sleeper and the bottom also has a bed. Our cats like to get in it as well. No smells, easy to set up and it collapses for putting away if need be. Very pleased


Beautiful stroller. Perfect to my puppy after knee surgery.

Excellent product but check the tires before inflating

Second Petique Trailblazer. Super easy to assemble. Quality construction and materials. Make sure the bead of the tire is completely inside the rim of the wheel or the tube will bulge out and likely burst when you inflate. The back tires a fine at 25PSI.
Yes, I popped the tube and still gave it 5 stars.

Built well

This is built like I paid a fortune! Smooth ride. Rides over rocks and grassy terrain very well. My pup isn’t thrilled with it but she’ll get used to it. My only complaint and it’s totally my fault for not realizing it. I wish the top opened. Kind of like a stroller. Didn’t realize it has to be zippered all the way around. Other than that I’m extremely pleased with it. Oh and the raspberry color is great!

The most boujee

Such a brilliant and vibrant pink. I get compliments continuously wherever we go. Mainly for my Bengal boy, but also may use for my others or Chihuahua. My Bengal is the only one who shows interest, and is friendly with everyone doing anything. I recommend to everyone, THANK YOU!!

Worth it

This is a high quality product. Very sturdy. It was a lot to put together but the kittens love it, so it was worth it. I have a friend who bought 1 and I noticed hers lasted 2 yrs. Yes it got beat up but 2 yrs later it's still standing and strong, so I had to get one. Glad I did.

Absolutely love it! Bulldog mama approved

This stroller is perfect for our rescue bulldog. She can’t breathe great on walks but getting out is important. So this stroller has been perfect. Our dog weighs 60lbs and its supports her great. Rolls and glides with ease- the design is roomy but compact. The tires are rubber so the push is smoothly. Easy to fold down and store- well built, feels sturdy and secure. Highly recommended. Worth every penny ! Highly recommended.

Great Buggy!

Happily surprised with the quality. Our Pug loves it!

Easy to use

Sturdy, works well on trails, easy to open and close. Better than any stroller I had for my children

I can't say enough good things about this stroller!

We rescued a puppy with Swimmer's Syndrome. He was unable to walk upright. All 4 of his legs were splayed out like a little froggy. He started walking (very wobbly) at about 9-10 weeks old. Eventually he was able to walk normal. Now he sprints, jumps, leaps, and works those little legs like he never had Swimmers. We got this stroller to use intermittently, so that we don't overdue his little legs when we take all the dogs on walks. He doesn't like to be left alone, so after his turn to walk, we put him in the stroller and walk our other dogs on a leash while we push him. We throw little treats in the stroller to get him to go in it. It didn't take long for him to want to crawl up in the stroller and just chill. He LOVES looking out at all our neighborhood findings when we go on a stroll. I put a cushiony pet bed on the bottom of the stroller, so that he is nice and comfortable on his rides. This stroller strolls perfectly and smooth. I love that it came with a wheel pump to air up the tires. There are also hooks on the inside of the stroller to use if you need to hook them into your dog's collar/harness. We haven't had to use them, but it's an added bonus if one does need them. I do wish the very top of the stroller was a screen instead of a plastic window. Or perhaps the option of a zipper that can zip the plastic window over the screen (in case you do need to close it off, etc). It is hot where we're from and extra ventilation would be nice. There are pockets in the back to hold your keys, the tire pump, etc. This stroller is very well-made. The break in the back is easy to use. The stroller folds down well and all around it is user friendly. I can't say enough good things about this stroller!

Worth it!

This stroller has changed my after work routine. I have a very large German shepherd and a three legged malti poo. All three of us can now go for walks together. The stroller is perfect for my malti and he enjoys being included for walks. Assembly was super fast and easy. I am 62 year old woman and I put it together in about 10 minutes and stuck it in the back of my pickup. Light enough for me to easily lift in and out of lifted truck bed. But the stroller is very sturdy. This is my third dog stroller and it's great quality. It's also worth the extra cost because I'm not limited to staying in paved roads. We can go off road easily. Lots of storage and very easy to steer and maneuver. Zippers and windows galore and I get lots of compliments on my dogs and my stroller!