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Catalina Pet Stroller
Frances Plante
Easy to take Tuffy to visit his mommy)

My Mom is now in assisted living, and misses her cat. (She is 101 yrs old!) I can now take the cat often to visit her The cat carrier was cumbersome, heavy and Tuffy hated to be in it. (Tuffy weighs 16 1/2 lbs!) I can now easily wheel him into the home to visit with her! Thanks!

Trailblazer Pet Jogger
Ashlie Deinert
Well built and well thought out

We both spent hours reading reviews when we found our boy had a back injury. This one was in the top few. When it arrived, it was obvious why. It’s solid and very secure. We push our pup around the neighborhood on concrete sidewalks or gravel trails in these air filled tires. (A must in our search.)

Game Changer!!

I love the Petique Breeze jogger. One may wonder why a young, healthy, 3-year-old English Bull Terrier would need a jogger. Well, this girl is quite heat intolerant and does not like to walk very far even when it’s moderately warm out – and will refuse to walk more than a block when it’s 78-80 degrees. This was the perfect answer to the summertime dilemma. I can get plenty of exercise, and she can come along and enjoy the ride (which she does very much!) She was a bit hesitant to jump-in at first, but she caught-on quickly – jumping-in means not having to walk very far! The jogger fits her perfectly, she stands-up most of the time, but can also lay down comfortably. She weighs 50 pounds and is 31” long (nose to rump), the distance between her front and back paws is 22”. I was torn as to which model to order, and decided on the “Breeze,” as it’s the largest of their other models: “All Terrain” and the “Trailblazer.”

It’s really high-quality - there are no squeaks or wobbles. It’s a surprisingly VERY smooth ride. It also does very well on mildly graveled trails. I haven’t tried it on rougher terrain; it collapses so easily – in one motion, and I can pop off all three wheels in seconds. I keep it in the back of my Jeep Cherokee Unlimited, and it fits perfectly. The olive-green color is quite sporty looking. The canvas material is sturdy, and it has held-up very well over the last 1.5 years. I do not use the zipper on the entry flap, as I keep it folded-up over the handlebar – or flip it up on top of the jogger.

A great addition would be the option to roll it up and secure it to the top of the jogger with a strap of some sort. I can easily modify this, but I haven’t had to. There’s a very large, deep, zippered pocket on the entry flap where I keep poopbags and anything else I need to store – cell phone, wipes, car keys, etc. This summer I plan to see how I can attach a drink holder, as that would be very useful. Right now, I just put my 20-ounce Klean Kanteen in the back corner and use a tiny bungee cord to secure it. It works well. This dog mama highly recommends the Breeze jogger!!

Cat was immediately blissed out!

I replaced this piece as a sort of Christmas present for my cat, and he gave the best reaction I could've hoped for! It was like when I gave it to him for the first time (Christmas 2020), he couldn't decide whether to scratch at it, roll around on it, take a nap on it, or rub his cheeks against it. All while purring, which is not something he does very often! I really love having this option to buy just the piece that gets used and worn out the most, I'll have to get another to keep as a spare!!

Perfect choice bedbase

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my fur-niece, and she absolutely adores it.❤️🐶❤️

My cats love it!

My cats love their penthouse. My cat Benny has trouble standing on his hind legs and doesn’t usually use vertical scratchers. But the placement of the scrapers on the side of this penthouse and the sturdiness of it, Benny is able to use the the vertical r scratcher while sitting without losing his balance while still get a good stretch.

All Terrain Pet Jogger
Danielle Butler
Exactly what I wanted!

This is a stroller that I can easily push comfortably and not have to worry about kicking an axle either! Was probably more important than my comfort is that our puppies are very comfortable inside also, and enjoy the view through all sides, and even look up at me to make sure I’m there through the top window!

Amazing Pet Jogger

This jogger is really well built. Haven’t really gotten my stubborn bulldog to ride in it yet, but still working on getting her more comfortable with it. From what I’ve seen so far it’s very sturdy and feels like it would ride really well. I would recommend you give this a try. Definitely looks sleek and fancy for a pet jogger.

Trailblazer Pet Jogger
Tania Dickson-Humphries
Awesome Product!

Awesome product and easy shopping. Product is better than expected. So smooth to turn or run with.

Excellent stroller

Petique stroller are great quality and our havense enjoys it. So easy to take our dog with us when we go out , we even fit the stroller in the luggage for one of our trips. Love it! Perfect for any weather!

The best odor eliminator I ever used

I hate using febreeze or fragrance, I get migraines. When I saw this just eliminators odor and its safe to use for my puppy I had to try it. I made sure to test it after a rainy day. Usually when it rains I feel like a light must smell happens in the house. I sprayed everything. Couches, carpets, beds, and then I sprayed my puppy after a walk. She smells great and theres no musty wet dog smell. Ill be gifting this to other per parents in my family for the holidays. worth every penny.

Home within a home

My two cats love their feline penthouses. Featured here sharing one, they each have their own. They're the perfect ways for the cats to keep an eye on me at my desk or to look outside. I originally bought on Amazon - I love that this site has replacement roofs in case there is a fur-ball incident :D.

Great for running

I’m a long distance runner and the Trailblazer pet stroller has been amazing! I can now take my dog on my runs! He can no longer run with me as he’s getting older. I love that I can still take him running with me! It makes him so happy!

Tigger has used his Meow Cat House for a couple of years, and it is so nice to have roof replacements available!

Best stroller

My dog used to be able to jog with me, but he's getting older and can't go the distance anymore. The Trailblazer Pet Stroller allows me to continue jogging with my dog. I'll let him jog beside me for a little bit and when he gets tired, I'll put him in the stroller. I tried another stroller brand and it wasn't as easy to push as the Petique brand. Great stroller!

Instagram made me do it

I follow Petique on Instagram and they are always posting the cute pomeranian using the car seat. I finally bought one because my dog is always trying to sit on my lap when I drive and it's pretty distracting and unsafe. Since I got the stroller, she's able to just sit in her car seat. It's also spacious enough for her to lie down. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Highly recommend

There's a trail by my house that I take my cats on every morning. They're so calm in the stroller and they love looking around. The stroller pushes very smoothly on the dirt trail.

Cool color

I enjoy using this stroller for mostly jogging and biking. The blue color is really nice and stores flat in my trunk. It doesn't take up a lot of space and it comes with a handy small bike pump. I like that the pocket has a zipper so my belongings don't fall out. Overall, this pet stroller is very convenient and I use it every day.

My dog is loving it!

I love this stroller for little Lola. She also loves it because I can finally take her everywhere with me. Most people think I have an actual baby inside lol! What I really like about this stroller is that it's also a car seat which makes me feel good while driving with my dog and not have her jumping or underneath my seat! Thank you so much Petique!

the cats meow

purchased two types after the CatCon because of the well construction and thickness. I have 14 cats all adults and usually the ones I've purchased before only lasted a few days. My cats are rough on them and some some of my cats are so fat they break. I have to say my cats love them, not only are they cat scratchers every slot is taken up by a cat most of the time. I am so glad i purchased them since they enjoy them so much and i do love to spoil my cats.I will be buying more in the future.

Made for speed, could use some convenience tweaks.

This is a nice jogging stroller, since it is lower to ground compared to a regular basket type stroller it is very stable and is a joy to jog with. Love how it folds pretty flat. I do find it to be a bit rough riding if not on a paved trail though, my dog is pretty small so that may be a contributing factor. Reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the material seems a bit lightweight in comparison to another competing stroller I have, and the zippers look like they are going to pull apart and break. They are under some tension on the back opening. Also the back pocket is just not the greatest. While it is deep it doesn't have space for anything bulky because there is no gusset making it open bigger. I just end up using the front of the dogs area to put everything. The pocket is also unusable if you roll it up, leaving no storage :( I also wish there was a drink holder/phone holder on the handle...almost every stroller has one, even the cheap ones, it should have one at this price point. These are minor nitpicks, but I feel that it's a solid 4 stars as is. I use it often for shorter walks, and jogs on smooth trails.


❤️❤️❤️❤️ Best stroller ever! Top quality, SO IMPRESSED and that little air pump....OMG, the cutest ever 🥰, LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!!


Love, love, LOVE! Its name is true to form. I’ve bought countless products that were a waste of $…until I found this.
Cost efficient, kills odor and bottle lasts forever 😍


I wanted a snuffle mat to keep my puppy entertained for a bit while I work. Especially on rainy days when its harder to spend more time outside. This was the best idea. Its bigger than I thought which is great. I hide some of her favorite treats. Now when she sees me pull it out she gets so excited ! Best investment for WFH dog parents. This will really keep them occupied for a good 30 mins

Great and Lightweight

We've only used it once; and the problem was the back screen unzipped so my pet ahd a different view. My cat presses out too far so it drags. So next time I'me going to use a wooden ruler to give a little more strength so it doesn't drag any more. She has jumped into one of it while in the house.
I'm trying to know if it is okay for car trip to the vet. It fits well behind the front seats. Thank you for making this type of carrier; it gives more options.