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A Game Changer!

Wow! Not only is this stroller insanely cute and high quality, but it had all the features I was looking for in a pet stroller. It has safety leash attachments to keep my dogs from jumping out, zippers to zip them inside safely, it folds for easy storage & the attachments can be easily removed to use as a car seat or carrier. Its absolutely wonderful for anyone who owns 2 dogs it makes our car rides so much easier and less stressful. And even better is that both of my dogs LOVE this stroller! They look forward to riding in it. I would highly recommend this stroller, its wonderful.

Apollo Stroller

We love it!

It works wonders!

My dog has accidents here and there, as all dogs do. He vomit on my white couch and I used this immediately - sprayed, set and went out to lunch. I came back and the stain/scent was completely gone. Couldn't even tell where it was! Highly recommend this product to anyone w/ a fur baby for peace of mind.

I got it for my Pug, but my cat likes it too.

As soon as I assembled the jogger, my cat jumped in and wanted to go for a ride. However, I had purchased it for my Pug. As you can see in the picture, my Pug was not pleased that the cat "stole" her carriage.
* It was fairly easy to assemble once I figured out that the black protective plastic "knobs" that protect both sides of the back wheel rod have to be removed. The directions did not mention that step or several other important steps.
* The jogger pivots really smoothly.
* The tire pump works. However, I wish it had its own separate storage pocket on the jogger. There are pockets on the jogger, but the pocket with a closure is too small to fit the tire pump, so you have to put it in the unsecured pocket and it might fall out without you noticing it.
* The handle bar is easy to adjust and has nice foam handles, but, I wish the metal bar was skinnier because it seems designed for men's wider hands. (I would rather have less metal handle and the same amount of foam padding.)
* The foot break is easy to operate and stays in place.
* The zippers seem sturdy enough. They are not high quality, but they work.
* All in all, if you can afford this jogger, I think it is a good investment.


My cat used her nails to unzip the zipper in our other stroller. I like that this stroller doesn't have zippers. It also has toggles to make sure my cat doesn't push her way out of the stroller. I highly recommend this stroller if you're worried about your cat escaping!


Fooled me once but not twice, this is an insane price to pay for a replacement scratcher made out of cardboard - almost 1/2 tge price of the full unit! Should have checked the replacement part before buying the house.There are other scratchers that I will retrofit.

Coop approved :)

Purchased for my golden-doodle Cooper as he’s getting older and he gets tired on our walks, look forward to using the attachment for the bike soon :)

The Perfect Dog Stroller/Jogger

Absolutely love this dog stroller! It was super easy to put together, by just opening it & attaching the wheels. It came with a small tire pump but I purchased an electric pump for my bicycle which works very well. It warns you not to put too much air in the tires as they may burst, which is what I have read in some other reviews. Originally bought it for my senior, 12 year old dog Daisy who is struggling to walk further than a block. With the stroller, she can now intermittently walk & rest as needed. I also have 2 year & half old dogs (Elvis & Marilyn) who need more exercise but they also love the stroller for taking breaks & it especially helps Elvis who is a very nervous dog to feel more secure. Overall myself & my pups are very happy With this purchase ❤️. I also just ordered the drinks holder & rain cover, which have not arrived yet, but I will write a review when they do. Definitely worth spending the extra money on this stroller! Thanks Petique 🐶🥰

Gordo loves it!!

Provides both entertainment and mental stimulation for your pets, this innovative toy keeps them engaged while rewarding them with tasty treats!!

Gordo loves it!!

He loves looking for his little treats & playing with the ball!! Great toy to keep your pet busy and having fun.


I absolutely love my new stroller, so do Yoko and Timber. It's like driving a new car nice a smooth. I couldn't have picked a better choice.

Spacious and light

This stroller is pretty spacious & deep! It fits my 2
Cats who love peeking out of the stroller. I was worried they wouldn’t like it but the really enjoy the ride! I leave it in the house with the canopy open & they would jump in a sleep in it.

Awesome ride

This doggie stroller is so smooth and my dogs love it. I really appreciate the front wheel tuning radius … makes our walks so much more enjoyable

Natural Toys

My Shorkie loves her new koala and bunny toys! And I feel better knowing that she is not chewing on all those chemicals that make up the cheaper toys.

Love the color and quality!

Me and my dog love this so much! Best purchase I made so far this summer.

Double Decker Stroller

Love the stroller. And, the customer service is amazing from the hand written thank you card to the free gifts. I highly recommend this company based on my experience.

Great purchase

The pet jogger has exceeded my expectations. It takes sidewalks, grass, dirt trails and gravel with ease.

So cute, so trendy

I have a 6lb chiweenie and the top basket is the perfect size for her! I put a chenille pink cheetah print blanket in it for bougie purposes (my chi is a fashion icon) and she is so much cozier than she ever was in her old stroller. The bottom is great for storage and/or for my kitties when they want to join for the walk. The leash attachments are great too because they're long and they come from the top of the stroller - my old stroller had a super short one coming from the bottom so it was always annoying trying to secure her comfortably. The cupholder is great too because it's deep enough for your drink to not spill everywhere while you're going over bumpier terrain. So happy I chose this stroller. My chiweenie said the only thing she wishes is that it came in pink or animal print (ordered in blue) but I can remedy that easily with some cute pins or decor on the outside

Gordo loves it!!

My dog really enjoys this product!! It helps prevent destructive behavior, engaging and interactive. Great to keep your pets busy throughout the day. He loves to find his little treats inside of the pockets.

I don’t care what you call it

All is as it should be. Let’s hope it continues to be so,

Pet Jogger #2

This is our second Pet Jogger. They've certainly made upgrades from the first -- replaced the plastic window on the top with vented mesh, and the wheels are an upgrade. We're disappointed that when ordering (live person at Petique) we weren't advised the closing latch is too short and they would include a strap that we would need to install to secure the jogger in a closed position. A useless plastic closing latch was left on the jogger. For the price, it would seem them could have supplied an appropriately sized closing latch, or at the very least removed the unusable piece. Overall, however, a very good value and product. If not for the latch issue, this would be a 5 star review.



Durable Pet Stroller
Bryanna Mullins
love it

I've been looking for a stroller forever for my boys and finally decided to give this one a shot and it did not disappoint! it fits my 19lb fiest terrier mix and my 10lb chihuahua comfortably!

Mini Tough Hemp Monkey and Elephant Dog Toys

All Terrain Pet Jogger Stroller for Dogs and Cats