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Durable Pet Stroller
Robert Chapa
Favorite part of the day

We brought our cocker spaniel home at the age of 8 weeks, she was a very busy puppy and liked being outside immediately after we brought her home. My wife found the stroller on line and purchased it. The dog and I get up at 5:30am every morning, and her routine is immediately outside to do her business and back in to eat. By 6:00am I strap her in to the stroller and off we go on a 3 mile run. She loves it and is ready to go every morning. We have run over 500 miles on the stroller and it is time to replace the wheels. Very durable and comfortable for her.

Great stroller!!

Awesome stroller for our aging pup. Now we can take her everywhere.

Breeze Pet Jogger
Susan L Novik
Bulldog Approved!

My 11 year old, 70 pound, olde english bulldog fit perfectly inside! He loves going for rides and can lay down. He learned how to use the cart very quickly. I places his bowl in the cart for meals for 3 days then said load up and he walked right in! I am so happy he loves it! The cart goes over curbs and stairs well but it isnt built for intense off-road terrain. It is well made, easy to remove hair, and light enough to easily put in and out of a car trunk.

All Terrain Pet Jogger
Margaret Black
Making Memories with your Stroller

We purchased one of your strollers last year, when our dog was ill. After Bailey passed, Robyn the cat inherited the stroller. We've been having all sorts of fun "adventuring" with Robyn, who is fifteen, an indoor cat, and has never experienced much of the world before. Thank you for creating such a quality product!

Maggie from Ontario, CANADA!

Biscuit thanks you!

We have just received the leash and the shock absorbing feature was, indeed, a game changer (as Kelvin mentioned below) during Biscuit's walk this evening. He is a puppy, so we are training him to walk next to us. Highly recommend.

3 months in and looking slightly weathered

bought this for my 4 month old kitten and he loves it. He is starting to show heavy damage on the scratching posts. I bet this thing lasts a total of 6-8 months

Breeze Pet Jogger
Tatum santana

My yorkies love there pet jogger!!! It’s spacious and easy to handle. Worth buying for your fur babies.

Arrived quickly and fit perfectly to replace the worn-out scratching pads.

The roof was the first thing to go. My cats love the penthouse, but finding a new roof was impossible until I found it on your website. The price is horribly high, but that's how much I love my cats. You might consider shipping original with replacement roof.

Breeze Pet Jogger
kelly koplin
Great for my frenchie

We live in the desert so when it gets hot my frenchie hates to go outside let alone walk in any hot cement . But because hes so into walks and looking around he jumps right in now for the adventure . My friends may make fun k have this stroller for my pup but hes the one with the last laugh

Breeze Pet Jogger
Producto de calidad recomendado

Producto de buena calidad fcil manejo para armar y des armar

Breeze Pet Jogger
,Christian B
Great product and great customer support!

Everything that I was hoping for and expecting! What a great product! Assembly was so easy - just literally putting the wheels on; folding/opening is effortless; and the jogger is very easy to maneuver ensuring a smooth ride.

Because I had a problem with the included air pump, I reached out to the company, and they not only responded quickly, but they are sending a new pump. Awesome customer service!

My furbaby and I fully recommend this product and were happy to support such a great company!

Breeze Pet Jogger
Andreas Strixner
Not cheap, but worth every cent

The dog stroller is of very high quality and absolutely easy to assemble, although I am not skilled in the craftsmanship.
Just put the wheels on, inflate and unfold.
Very stable and extremely valuable, the pneumatic tires and folding options for transport are great.

Breeze Pet Jogger
Kenneth W. Rohla
Stroller Great, Cats Not Interested

This Petique Breeze Jogger is more expensive than some other pet strollers, but worth it. The build quality is excellent, with many smart features that make it easy to quickly fold and and pack in a car. The carriage folds down and up easily at the press of the button on the handle, and the wheels come off very easily if you want to remove them for transport, and they go back on quickly and securely as well.

It's large enough to put my two mini dachshunds in with room to spare, and I could fit a third one in if desired, though it would be cozy. The zippered pocket on the back is nice for carrying leashes and such.

The wheels have ball bearings and roll VERY easily and quietly. Their large size makes it great for rolling over rough ground. I took mine to the beach and dragged it through very loose sand, and while it was a bit of a pain, it was able to handle it thanks to the large wheels.

I love the rear wheel lock, easy to engage with your foot and very helpful on inclines.

The interior is easy to clean. My dawg pooped and peed inside, and after wiping it up, I was able to hose the carriage down with water, and it dried quickly. I'm surprised to see one review saying the stitches came apart after a few months, I have had mine for several months and the stitching is strong and well made.

Breeze Pet Jogger
,silke tischler
Very satisfied

A nice vehicle for our Westi. Good workmanship, sturdy, smooth running Priced a bit too expensive but I would buy it again.

This is a Winner!

Love, Love, Love this stroller. My two Westies fit great in it. So easy to use.

Sturdy with ball bearings in each wheel.

Very sturdy. Twist of handle & unit folds flat. Wheels remove & install with a push of a button. Ball bearings in each wheel so rolls very easily. Wheel axles & front spindle are steel. Only assembly is installing wheels. Does not come with bike adapter. Returned another brand with plastic wheel hardware which broke within 1 week. Very happy with purchase.

Broke first time

Front wheel the part that keeps the wheel on broke first time we used it, update, contacted the manufacturer they are sending me a new stroller. Great conversation and they responded right away. Hopefully when the get mine back they can correct the problem.

Easy to use

Very good

Breeze Pet Jogger
Verified Customer
Very sturdy dog stroller

I've been thinking for a long time whether to buy this car for my puppy ??... I'm very happy that I chose it. Great wagon, very stable over hill and stone, easy to steer... a rain cover is also included. ?? I didn't regret it... my sister also loved it and so we ordered another one for her 12-year-old dog.

Very useful and comfortable

It's wonderful and my little one is delighted. He personally saved my life.

Breeze Pet Jogger
Verified Customer
Sturdy, easy to put together

Delighted with this so far. Very easy to assemble with excellent instructions. Good sturdy wheels, easy to manoeuvre. Collapsed down very easily and although sturdy not too heavy to lift into back of car.. Have had out on some forest walks and managed even quite narrow tracks including after heavy rain. Rain cover seems good too. Overall, though a bit more expensive than some similar products this seems like it is likely to have staying power. Size wise my small cocker has more than enough space and I feel I could fit in my other cocker too if this became necessary.

Cat Castle

Fast delivery. My cat loves this castle! Scratching surfaces all over it and places to hide make it a great cats dream.

Not made if wood.

I was dissatisfied with this not sturdy for 3 cats. I did not read it correctly. I thought it was wood. Even hard cardboard is not strong enough. The price you pay is not worth it at least for me.

Breeze Pet Jogger
Kai Kaschny

I was skeptical at first because the buggy is very expensive and I have a 27kg dog. So I have to leave the net on in the front so that she can lie relaxed in it. But my dog already knows this. It's nice and wide. It is also great to push it with snow or across the meadow. Just great, it is super easy to fold up. A rain cover was included and the wheels can be easily removed with two simple steps. The price is 100% eligible for the baggy. I had one for 150 before, I was just angry and frustrated that the cheap one was so unwieldy bulky and heavy. This baggy can also be used with a 30 kg dog! And you don't have the feeling of pulling 60kg behind the bike. I can only recommend it!