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You love your pets when they're awake and love them while they're asleep. It only makes sense you would do your best to make sure they spend every minute sleeping soundly. Our sleep-related products include hypoallergenic beds and soft, non-toxic blankets to carefully cuddle your fur baby to sleep.

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Petique's Pet Joggers, Strollers, and Carriers are ideal for all pet sizes! Multiple pets, senior pets, disabled pets and every pet in between! For extra fun, use our Bike Adapter to connect the Pet Jogger to your bicycle and breeze through town! Then hit the sack for your beauty sleep and do it all over again!



Petique's dog and cat toys are designed for maximum comfort, FUN, and safety. We are here to help activate their mental and physical stimulation so they can look great and feel great!



We care for your pets and our planet! If you love the planet as much as we do, you try to do everything you can for it. We strive to provide eco-friendly varieties of virtually every product we sell, from dishes to toys to travel fare.

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