Bamboo Memory Foam Pet Bed WITH HEMP COVER

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Petique's Orthopedic Bamboo Memory Foam Pet Bed WITH HEMP COVER comes with an additional hemp cover. This combination helps improve your pets overall health, joints and mobility. The additional egg crate foam layer creates air circulation under your pets body and evenly distributes their weight. 
The hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo cover keeps your pets nice and cool throughout the day. It prevents your pets from overheating in the summer and helps create the perfect temperature for your pets during the winter, leaving your pets extremely comfortable and happy. Your pet’s entire body and soul will "thank you". 
Petique's Hemp Cover for our Memory Foam Mattress Pet Bed is a eco-friendly material that is naturally resistant to mold and fights the growth and spread of bacteria. Hemp is naturally great for the health and the environment. Easy to wash and very comfortable, our Hemp Cover is the perfect addition for our Memory Foam Pet Bed!
Fun Fact: The Orthopedic Bamboo Memory Foam Pet Bed with Hemp Cover in Small is made to fit in Bedside Lounge Pet Bed



  • Benefits of the Bamboo Cover

    1. Hypoallergenic
    2. Sustainable
    3. Anti-bacterial
    4. Does not stain
    5. Breathable and soft for a comfortable, good night's sleep
    6. Resistant to odor, mold, mildew & bacteria
    7. Easy to care - stain resistant and machine washable
    8. Helps regulate your pets body temperature in any weather

  • Benefits of the Hemp Cover

    1. 100% Hemp
    2. Non-toxic
    3. Sustainable
    4. Odor resistant
    5. Strongest and most durable of all natural textile fabric
    6. Naturally resistant to mold
    7. Helps fight the growth and spread of bacteria
    8. Great for the environment
  • Benefits of the Orthopedic Memory Foam

    1. Egg crate layer provides support, better weight distribution and proper air circulation
    2. Ability to alleviate aches, pains, and joints
    3. Cushions pressure points


  • Great for pets who are very active and need to rest their joints
  • Elderly pets who suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues
  • Great for thin breeds like greyhounds and whippets who are naturally skinny and have prominent bones
  • Great for dogs and cats whose bones are fully developed and ready to start taking pre-measures to keep their joints healthy
  • Pets who have a hard time sleeping because their joints hurt
  • The Bamboo Cover is great for pets who tend to overheat
  • The Hemp Cover is great for pets who get dirty easily

Care Instructions

  • The covers are machine washable (gentle machine wash with laundry wash bag)
  • Tumble dry low in the machine wash bag
  • Insert pee pad to prevent accidents
  • Do not bleach
  • Gently dab area that needs spot cleaning and use fan to air dry excess water



Small Memory Foam Pet Bed
Product Weight: 3 LB
Product size: 30"L X 20"W X 4"H
Supports pets up to 30 LB

Medium Memory Foam Pet Bed
Product Weight: 6 LB
Product size: 36"L X 23"W X 6"H
Supports pets up to 60 LB

Large/XL Memory Foam Pet Bed
Product Weight: 8 LB
Product size: 44"L X 27"W X 6"H
Supports pets up to 100 LB