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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pet Toothbrush

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pet Toothbrush

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Petique's Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pet Toothbrush is sustainable and extremely effective when it comes to brushing your pet's teeth. It takes your pet’s oral hygiene to the next level! The bristles are made of boar's hair bristles, which don't break down quickly like synthetic ones do and they clean your pet's teeth a lot better too! The sleek handle is made of natural durable bamboo. It’s the ecological way to keep your pets mouth fresh for just as long as a normal toothbrush, and help the environment at the same time!


Toothbrush Tip: Dip the bristles in warm water to soften up bristles before use.



  • Smooth & natural bamboo handle 
  • Boar's hair bristle helps remove excess gunk for a cleaner teeth
  • 100% eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • The entire toothbrush is compostable!
  • Soy ink is used on the packaging which is recyclable


  • The boar's hair helps remove food that get stuck in your pets teeth
  • Great for pets who eat wet food
  • Great for pets who need to start getting their teeth brushed
  • Brushing your pets teeth on a daily basis will help them get into the habit of getting their teeth brush and they will start to expect it and enjoy it
  • Brushing three times a week is the minimum recommendation to remove plaque and and prevent tartar accumulation
  • Brushing your pets teeth on a consistent basis will help prevent dental disease, which can go into their blood streams and harm your pets health
  • Many eco-friendly toothbrushes with bamboo handles have nylon bristles, where our bristle's are made of boar's hair, making it compostable and good for the planet
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pet Toothbrush benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions

  • Wet the bristles to soften them up before each use
  • Hang to dry
  • Just like any toothbrush, change your pets toothbrush every 3-4 months


Small: 6"L X 1"W
Large: 7"L X 1"W

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Product

Product does a great job of cleaning a dog or cats teeth

Love this toothbrush

After researching for an environmentally friendly toothbrush, this toothbrush was the only toothbrush I found that was completely compostable!

"I had been looking for a longtime for a new stroller for my Maine coon kitties as my older one was not strong enough for them. When this arrived I was blown away by the size and how strong & sturdy this stroller is! My big cats love going for walks in this."


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