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Breeze Pet Jogger + FREE RAIN COVER

Breeze Pet Jogger + FREE RAIN COVER

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Petique's Breeze Pet Jogger (aka the Pet Mobile, the Rolls Royce, the Ferrari of pet joggers) is engineered to create a performance-inspired ride for you and your pets to travel in. The large tires equipped with shock absorption and traction reinforces a smooth experience. Even pets who had just gotten surgery will feel secure and comfortable. With our 360 degree well ventilated mesh windows producing enhanced air circulation throughout the pet jogger, your pets can relax in the comfort of their very own Breeze.


  • Tested to meet the same requirements as baby strollers!
    • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Three adjustable leashes for safety
  • One step dual wheel brake 
  • Easy pop out wheels great for travel and folds flat for optimal storage
  • One large pocket for leashes, water, treats, etc.
  • Removable fabric for easy wash and make your jogger look good as new
  • Two entry ways, one in the front and one in the back
  • Reflectors for night time safety
  • One hand fold 
  • Foam grip that is very comfortable for your hands
  • Supports pets up to 77 LB
  • Patented pee pad insert for messes and easy clean ups
  • Tire pump included

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  • Relieves anxiety/stress for your pets if they are not used to being outdoors
  • Supports Dogs, Cats, and other animals under a total of 77 LB
  • For pets who still get to be out even though they do not like to walk for long
  • Humans who can still exercise and take their pets out
  • Pets who are old or unable to walk and still enjoy being out
  • Pets who are healing from surgery 
  • Puppies, kittens and other pets who have not been vaccinated
  • Pets who's paws need protection because the ground is too hot or too cold
  • Pets who's parents love to take them out traveling, biking, shopping, etc.
  • Humans who enjoy bike rides
  • Humans who like to run or jog for miles at a time
  • For pets who are unable to control their bowels
  • The back entrance is low enough for senior pets to go up themselves
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Breeze Pet Jogger benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions 

  • Removable fabric for easy wash (gentle machine wash in a laundry wash bag)
  • Do not dry in dryer because the heat will damage the mesh
  • Line dry or air dry ONLY
  • Do not bleach


  • Product Weight: 23 LB
  • Product Size: 37"L X 24.8"W X 39.4"H
    • Front Tires 8.5"
    • Rear Tires 16"
  • Seat Space: 30"L X 17"W X 25"H
  • Supports pets up to 77 LB

***DISCLAIMER: Jogger tires come flat for safety precautions during transportation - Please use portable tire pump that is included😃***

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Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Mai Situ
Wow! Well Made!

Well worth the money. I love this stroller/jogger. It’s super sturdy and very well made - I can see a lot of thought was out into making this stroller. My foster dog who has two missing hind legs was able to crawl into back with no issues. I love being able to clean the stroller down to the hard board. The tires are very nice which will make it easy to push a large dog on any type of terrain. I just love this stroller!

Amber Kirkwood
Game Changer!!

I love the Petique Breeze jogger. One may wonder why a young, healthy, 3-year-old English Bull Terrier would need a jogger. Well, this girl is quite heat intolerant and does not like to walk very far even when it’s moderately warm out – and will refuse to walk more than a block when it’s 78-80 degrees. This was the perfect answer to the summertime dilemma. I can get plenty of exercise, and she can come along and enjoy the ride (which she does very much!) She was a bit hesitant to jump-in at first, but she caught-on quickly – jumping-in means not having to walk very far! The jogger fits her perfectly, she stands-up most of the time, but can also lay down comfortably. She weighs 50 pounds and is 31” long (nose to rump), the distance between her front and back paws is 22”. I was torn as to which model to order, and decided on the “Breeze,” as it’s the largest of their other models: “All Terrain” and the “Trailblazer.”

It’s really high-quality - there are no squeaks or wobbles. It’s a surprisingly VERY smooth ride. It also does very well on mildly graveled trails. I haven’t tried it on rougher terrain; it collapses so easily – in one motion, and I can pop off all three wheels in seconds. I keep it in the back of my Jeep Cherokee Unlimited, and it fits perfectly. The olive-green color is quite sporty looking. The canvas material is sturdy, and it has held-up very well over the last 1.5 years. I do not use the zipper on the entry flap, as I keep it folded-up over the handlebar – or flip it up on top of the jogger.

A great addition would be the option to roll it up and secure it to the top of the jogger with a strap of some sort. I can easily modify this, but I haven’t had to. There’s a very large, deep, zippered pocket on the entry flap where I keep poopbags and anything else I need to store – cell phone, wipes, car keys, etc. This summer I plan to see how I can attach a drink holder, as that would be very useful. Right now, I just put my 20-ounce Klean Kanteen in the back corner and use a tiny bungee cord to secure it. It works well. This dog mama highly recommends the Breeze jogger!!

Jay S
Amazing Pet Jogger

This jogger is really well built. Haven’t really gotten my stubborn bulldog to ride in it yet, but still working on getting her more comfortable with it. From what I’ve seen so far it’s very sturdy and feels like it would ride really well. I would recommend you give this a try. Definitely looks sleek and fancy for a pet jogger.

Lola Rae

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Best stroller ever! Top quality, SO IMPRESSED and that little air pump....OMG, the cutest ever 🥰, LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!!

Susan L Novik
Bulldog Approved!

My 11 year old, 70 pound, olde english bulldog fit perfectly inside! He loves going for rides and can lay down. He learned how to use the cart very quickly. I places his bowl in the cart for meals for 3 days then said load up and he walked right in! I am so happy he loves it! The cart goes over curbs and stairs well but it isnt built for intense off-road terrain. It is well made, easy to remove hair, and light enough to easily put in and out of a car trunk.

"I had been looking for a longtime for a new stroller for my Maine coon kitties as my older one was not strong enough for them. When this arrived I was blown away by the size and how strong & sturdy this stroller is! My big cats love going for walks in this."


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