3 Gifts for Your Paw-entine

3 Gifts for Your Paw-entine

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet day filled with love and gifts. Right now you’re probably looking for gifts for your loved ones - that can be stressful! To help make your shopping journey easier, we put together this amazing list of products that your pet is sure to love:

2-in-1 Sustainable Bowl


Our sustainable, 2-in-1 Pet Bowl is perfect for holding your pet’s Valentine’s Day dinner. It can be snapped together or split apart into two bowls - that way you can give them a drink too!

Another benefit of this pet bowl is that it is made out of plant based material! It's completely biodegradable, eco-friendly, and travel friendly!

Snuffle Mat Puzzle Pad

Our Snuffle Mat Puzzle Pads will be the perfect piece for your pet’s dessert! It designed to help your pet engage in mental and physical stimulation as they look for their favorite treats! It challenges your pet's sense of smell by imitating the act of hunting for food. It's great for pets of any age.

It will also help release any of that excess energy built up from the excitement of the day!


Eco Hammock Pet Bed

To wind down the night, make sure you grab them Petique's Eco Hammock Pet Bed. Not only does it come in a color to match the holidays, but it also makes your pets feel like they’re in paradise! This pet bed allows for ultimate comfort and relaxation for your pet.

Not only is this product something your pet will fall in love with, it is also eco-friendly. The Eco Hammock Pet Bed is made from strong, compressed paper and sourced from an FSC certified supplier. This material is more sustainable and less prone to bacterial growth than its wood counterpart.


What are you planning to do with your pets for Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments!


About Petique, Inc. 

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