Why Are Treat Toys Important?

Why Are Treat Toys Important?

Whether you have a dog, cat, or rabbit, your pet loves treats! As much as we want to constantly treat our pets, we need to focus on their health first. But is there a way we can have both?


The answer is treat toys!


Treat toys have risen in popularity within the last decade. They range from being made of materials like rubber to soft felt. The material preference depends on the size of your pet and the type of toys they enjoy. Treat toys slowly dispense treats as your pet plays. These toys allow for great benefits to your pet.


Satisfies Evolutionary Drives

Every pet, no matter how domesticated, has animalistic tendencies. These tendencies are seen with digging, scratching, and even the "zoomies". Treat toys allow your pet to chase, hunt, and chew. This gives them an outlet to do all of these things without destroying your home and furniture.


Stimulates Your Pet

Your pets are like children, they need emotional, mental, and physical stimulation to allow for proper development. As pet owners, we meet these needs in a variety of ways: quality time, pets, exercise, new toys, etc. These toys are designed to help your pet's nose work and promote mental and physical stimulation as they look for their favorite treats. This will allow you to better meet all of your pet's needs for stimulus.


Slows Down Fast Eaters

When it comes to food, some pets like to graze all day. Other pets are quick to gobble down everything in their bowl. When your pet eats too quickly, it could be harmful to their health. Treat toys can be used as a slow feeder. Slow feeders are beneficial for quick-eating pets. It helps prevent health complications associated with quick eating, like bloating, indigestion, and vomiting.


Decreases Boredom, Increases Excitement

When pets are understimulated it creates negative behaviors and anxiety. Allowing your pets to have a toy they can actively engage with throughout the day promotes relaxation and appropriate behaviors. Treat toys can be left with your pet, even when you are not at home. You control the number of treats that go into each toy. You will never have to worry about your pet eating too much. You can also rest assured that they put in work to get to those treats.


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