Top 5 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Top 5 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner. Most of use love taking part in the frightening festivities. Whether it’s dressing up, decorating the house, or just enjoying the sweet treats, it’s important to remember that there may be one member of the family who doesn’t feel the same: your pet. Halloween can be a stressful time for your pets and can put them at risk from a number of potential hazards. Here are some simple tips to keep them safe and happy this Halloween.


1. Keep Candy Away From Your Pets

Keep an eye on your treat bowl. Most people know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but many pet owners forget that other types of candy can prove dangerous as well. Keep all candy and candy wrappers away from your pets to avoid tummy trouble.


2. Stay Visible and Keep Your Pets Close

Always keep your pets on a reflective leash when you’re in public and in your view. Lights and bright colors can also help ensure that drivers see your pet at night Use brightly colored costumes, safety vests, or visibility lights to ensure your pet can be seen. Use a pet carrier to keep your pets close to you. The Backpacker pet carrier is built with a reflector strip for extra safety for both you and your pet. You can also keep your pets closeby with the 5-in-1 Pet Carrier can be used as a backpack, luggage, pet car seat, and rolling carrier.


3. Dangerous Decorations

Jack-o-lanterns and dry ice can make for a fantastically spooky atmosphere, but they can also put your pet in serious danger. Lit pumpkins can easily be knocked over and cause a fire. Keep wires and cords from decorations out of reach, if chewed on, your pet can suffer from cuts, burns, or life threatening shock. Instead, decorate with plush toys and other pet-friendly ornaments such as our Ghost Cat Scratcher. You can also decorate the Feline Chateau with fake spiderwebs for a haunted mansion feel.


4. Keep Your Pets Relaxed

The havoc of Halloween can be stressful for some pets, keeping them inside can help. If noise disturbs your pet, consider moving them to a quiet room away from the door, getting a calming pheromone diffuser, or surrounding them with their favorite pet toys and pet treats to keep them preoccupied. Costumed kids can confuse and frighten pets. Place a gate at the door to prevent unplanned escapes. 


5. Comfortable Costumes

Don’t force your pet into a costume they don’t want to wear as this can cause stress. Pick safe pet costumes that don’t affect your pets breathing, seeing, or hearing. They should have no dangling objects they can swallow and make sure they can easily move around and not overheat. Be sure to watch for signs of anxiety.



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