Petique’s Award Winning Small Animal Pet Carriers

Petique’s Award Winning Small Animal Pet Carriers

So far, year 2020 is going great for Petique! Last year, Petique’s 5-in-1 Pet Stroller won the Pet Business Industry Recognition Award for the Dog/Cat Travel category! This year at Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, Petique’s Capsule and Rover Pet Carriers won their Small Animal category!

Everyone always takes their dogs, even cats, out for a stroll, hike or travel. Small animals, such as rabbits and gerbils, and their owners are often forgotten about. Small pet parents, it’s your time to rise! It’s now your turn to show off your pets. They’re just as, if not cuter than all those other pets. Show them off with our award winning pet carriers! Small animals are usually a prey species and therefore it is important that they feel protected in the confinement of their carrier.


The Capsule Pet Carrier is designed for small pet owners to finally take their pets out in public in a stylish carrier. The clear, well-ventilated air bubble gives them a clear view of the world as well as a clear window for pet owners to engage with your pets. 


The Rover Pet Carrier is designed to take your small pets out on big adventures with you. Feeling safe in their carrier, your pets will enjoy venturing out into the world in their well-ventilated pet carrier made just for them! 

About Petique, Inc. 

Located in Ontario, California, Petique, Inc. is a women owned business specializing in non-toxic pet supplies and consumables that help your dogs, cats, and small animals live a longer and healthier life. As pet owners, we share a passion in creating a safe, healthy and fun environment for your furry family members. We strive to create high quality pet products that conserve ecological resources whenever possible, while avoiding depletion of natural resources. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product development and design, we take pride in creating eco-friendly and non-toxic items, reliable travel gear and innovative products. Contact us today, visit our website or call (909) 673-0998.
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