Meet Mr. Famous and a Few of His Fellow Famous Fur Friends

Meet Mr. Famous and a Few of His Fellow Famous Fur Friends

85 million American Families own pets. Many such households include the rich and famous. In fact, some celebrities earned have notoriety, in part, because of the eccentricities of their unusual pets. These “famous” pets enjoy lavish pampering and responsibilities associate with the glaring spotlight of fame. The following are just a few of the pets whose fame rivals that of their masters.


Mr. Famous

Audrey Hepburn’s Yorkshire Terrier, Mr. Famous, inspired a Yorkie craze in Hollywood. Her constant companion, he even co-starred with her in Funny Face. Hepburn was distraught when her Fur Baby died. Attempting to comfort her, her husband gave her another Yorkie puppy, whom she named Assam of Assam.



Paris Hilton’s chihuahua, Tinkerbell, was her constant companion until Tinkerbell’s death in 2015. The chihuahua inspired the “purse dog” trend, with folks mimicking her tendency to tuck the pet in a bag under her owner’s arm. After Tinkerbell’s death, Paris brought home more dogs and even commissioned construction of a mini replica of her home. The mini-mansion came complete with designer furniture and air conditioning. Is this what they meant by a dog’s life?


Max the Pig

George Clooney’s pet pig, Max, was a 300 lb. Vietnamese Potbellied pig who slept in his bed. (And all those years we thought Clooney was a bachelor by choice!). Apparently Max enjoyed laying across the doorway, preventing people from entering or exiting the house. Max passed away in 2006. But George has not yet adopted another pig. Some attribute his newfound pet-free existence to his wife, Amal.


Solomon and Sophie

Oprah Winfrey treats her dogs like furry children. The original set were Cocker Spaniels, Solomon and Sophie. After their deaths (at the ripe old ages of 14 and 13), Oprah continued adding more fur babies to the family, saying she considers herself a better person because she owns pets. Hear, hear!


Millie Bush

Mildred Kerr Bush, an English Springer Spaniel, was once referred to as, “the most famous dog in White House history” after President George H.W. Bush referenced her in a re-election speech. The media loved capturing her various antics. And she was beloved both by the Bush family, and the public. She died in 1997, at 12 years of age.

Do you remember these pets? Did you get in on the Yorkie or purse Chihuahua phases? One thing is certain; pets enrich our lives, regardless of celebrity status.



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