Holiday Pet Hazards: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Holiday Pet Hazards: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Holiday Pet Hazards: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Pet lovers enjoy including their canine and feline friends in holiday festivities. In fact, this year alone, reports that 63 percent of dog owners and 58 percent of those with cats incorporating their dogs and cats in holiday traditions. Whether it’s dressing them in festive attire, preparing special treats or lavishing them with gifts, dog and cat-owners can’t help but count the whole family in on holiday festivities (furry friends, included). Unfortunately, several holiday traditions can put your animals at risk. This blog is designed to help you eliminate the risk so everyone can enjoy a safe season!

  • Live Christmas Trees
    Since live Christmas trees shed needles, pets who graze may inadvertently (or purposely) ingest pine spikes. PetMD reports that, “Pine and fir needles may cause gastrointestinal irritation, obstruction, and puncture.” What’s more, even the needles still attached to branches can lead to corneal abrasions. To guard against this, clean needles that drop daily. And, keep an eye on your pet to make sure he or she doesn’t venture too close. Also, discourage your pet’s urge to drink tree water. Needles can drop into the stand. Finally, don’t flock your tree if you have a pet. While angel hair, flocking, and artificial snow are all mildly toxic, if consumed in larger amounts, they could cause blockages of the intestine. 

  • Artificial Trees
    While plastic pine needles do not lead to the same types of problems caused by their live counterparts, they also lead to problems. For instance, plastic or aluminum material on fake trees may cause lacerations to the mouth or intestinal blockages.

  • Lights
    No one can deny that cats love lights. Also, unfortunately, they don’t understand the associated dangers of playing with cords. The movie, Christmas Vacation, provides a humorous but tragically realistic portrait of what happens when a cat chews on live lights. To combat this temptation, hide electrical cords. And, if necessary, keep your cat away from the room that houses your tree. Whenever possible, place cords out of reach of pets by taping them down or covering them in protective casing.

  • Decorations
    In addition to lights, ornaments and garland pose very real hazards for dogs and cats. For example, if swallowed, tinsel can obstruct a pet’s digestive system. Shattered glass ornaments can damage an animal’s airway. Until your kitten or puppy is old enough to know better, opt for plastic instead of glass balls. To eliminate temptation, position a child safety gate around the tree. While this may not work for curious kittens, it will provide a stable barrier for clumsy puppies. Also, Poinsettia plants are poisonous. So, until your pet demonstrates a measure of self-control, choose plastic varieties and keep them well out of reach.
  • Holiday Baking
    Most pets love following their masters around, eager to spend every waking minute in your company. The drawback to this kind of devotion is their expectation to be included in everything you do…including partaking of holiday treats. Unfortunately, much Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza fare is unsuitable for animals. For example, chocolate is toxic for pets, delivering an unhealthy dose of methylxanthines to pets. Grapes and raisins are also common pet safety hazards. Candied raisins found in fruit cake, yogurt-covered raisins or grapes which are often included on appetizer platters could spell bad news for your pet. But grapes and raisins are poisonous to dogs. A better option is to purchase treats designated for your pet


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