5 Ideas to Keep Your Cat Active

5 Ideas to Keep Your Cat Active

5 Ideas to Keep Your Cat Active

Does your cat make Garfield look svelte? Perhaps your fur baby approaches naptime like a full-time job? Maybe your kitten has so much “junk in the trunk” that he can’t get up on the couch? Although we may be exaggerating, according to Carolyn McDaniel, V.M.D., from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, “About 50 percent of cats seen at veterinary clinics these days are overweight, if not obese.” Further, studies indicate that 40% of cats today fit the classification for obesity (20% above ideal body weight). The destructive effects of feline obesity mimic those experienced by humans: diabetes, joint problems, arthritis, heart disease, etc. 


Risk Factors

A major contributing factor to feline obesity is leaving food out to allow the kitty to graze. Setting a scheduled feeding time is the first step toward improving your cat’s health. Regular meals rather than constant snacking leads to weight loss. Furthermore, (just like their masters) cats require daily exercise.


How to get your cat to exercise:

  1. A laser pointer or small flashlight provides hours of entertainment for you and a great workout for your kitty. Use this great tool to encourage her to play, leap, run, and pounce her way to better health.
  2. Another smart exercise option is a high-quality cat tower, such as our (Feline Château Cat House). This elegantly designed eco-friendly structure entices even sedate cats to climb and explore.
  3. Invest in interactive toys, such as balls with bells, stuffed mice (filled with a little bit of catnip), and scratch boards (like our Kung Fu Paw Cat Scratching Post).
  4. In a pinch, you can create a super easy DIY toy by taping a piece of string or yarn to the end of a dowel. Holding the dowel, swirl and drag the string, as your fur baby pounces along.
  5. Considering adding a second cat to your family? Siblings love to play. So, bringing a new kitten home may encourage older cats to stay active. As cats tussle, interact, and wrestle with each other for fun and friendly competition, they burn calories and increase flexibility.

Great travel tip: Wad up a piece of paper and toss it across the room for an inexpensive, interactive activity.

As with any new fitness plan, for long-term success, stay consistent. Look at cat activity as a fun way to bond with your baby.




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