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Petique Instant Odor Eliminator X+ kills bacteria odors using photocatalyst technology, which is green chemistry that uses the air molecules in our eco-system to instantly dissolve and decompose the bad odor molecules and turn them into H2O & CO2. Petique's non-toxic Odor Eliminator X+ is a concentrated formula that works with nature! You use it to spray on your pets before and after they go outside to protect them from the outside air, their beds, your car, carpets, furniture, kennels, and just about anything that has odor! You can even use it to spray on your pets if they smell and in addition, it will help make their fur and their skin softer. The Instant Odor Eliminator X+ is completely safe on the skin, if it accidentally gets in your eye, if it accidentally gets in your mouth, and it's safe to use around children! Tough smells are a thing of the past. Leave your home smelling fresh and clean!



    • Photocatalyst technology that tackles bacteria odors at their root by working with the air molecules in our eco-system to dissolve and decompose the bad odor molecules, then clean and neutralize the bacteria odors by turning them into H2O & CO2.
    • Works within 30 seconds in the dark!
    • Helps to completely eliminate the smell rather than mask it.
    • Safe for pets and children
    • Photocatalyst formula is free of sulfates, alcohols, harsh irritating chemicals and detergents

    • Kills the strongest, smelling odor like the really bad ammonia smell in your dog and cat's pee

    • Leaves surfaces safe for your pets to keep on playing without any worry about harmful chemicals or toxins
    • Completely safe to use on their skin
    • Safe if it accidentally gets in eye or mouth
    • Safe on wounds

    • Used on carpets and tile
    • Combats cat odor in litter boxes
    • Removes pet odor in the yard and kennel surfaces
    • Ammonia and methane odors
    • Pet beds
    • Cars
    • On your pets 
    • Furniture
    • Any lingering odors

    • No harsh chemicals
    • No masking fragrance
    • No harmful ingredients
    • For pets and people with sensitive smell


  • Helps keep your pets fur soft when you spray directly on them
  • Spray directly onto your pets before and after you go out for maximum protection 
  • Spray on a napkin and wipe off your pet's eye boogers
  • Spray on a napkin and wipe your pets paws
  • Spray on a napkin to wipe your pets clean
  • Spray in your car
  • Spray on your pets bed, the kennel, and anywhere your pets sleep and play in
  • Wipe down yoga mat and gym equipment
  • Perfect for pets who had just undergone surgery and are unable to have a bath yet
  • Spray on your bed if you do not have time to wash it
  • Spray in trashcan if there are lingering odors (after you take out the trash, of course)
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Instant Odor Eliminator X+ benefits you and your pets



Spray directly onto affected area for instant odor elimination.


On carpet and other soft materials, leave in for maximum effect. On hard surfaces, wipe off residual moisture.


Mist into surrounding air to instantly eliminate residual odors.


Care Instructions

Storage: Do not place in direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. Good for 6 months after opening. 



Concentrated composite titanium dioxide, sodium carbonate, citric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, purified water.



3"L X 1.23"W X 9.25"H

10 FL OZ

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