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What an upgrade for my girls 😻

The girls have been in a stroller for miles upon miles in their short lives and I thought we had an amazing stroller….little did any of us know what we were missing until we got our Trailblazer! The ride difference is unreal moving from plastic wheels to air filled and we increased their cabin space by 4 inches in width while reducing our over all profile. When the stroller arrived unfortunately both tires had been warped but their customer service was exceptional and they replaced them within days and we were on the road! I will recommend this stroller over and over. Thank you for upgrading our ride!!!

10/10 recommend!

This stroller has been such a game changer for our dachshund, Zoey. We like to go on long walks/ hikes and we enjoy bringing her along, but she gets tired quickly. She also has so much anxiety around large crowds. With the revolutionary pet stroller, she has a place feel safe and relax when she gets tired. Now we can take her everywhere! The best part about the stroller is how light and smooth it is! 10/10 recommend!

Best treat ball

My dog's favorite toy. The opening on this ball is the perfect size to fit in medium-large biscuits so they don't come out to frequently. She will roll this ball around for an hour after I give it to her.

Love it for my Trailblazer!

Breathable and easy to install. Great purchase with the jogging stroller.

Great stroller!

After extensive review of high-end dog strollers, I decided on this one and have been very satisfied. It has a great design and seems very durable. My puppy loves it.

Great quality pet stroller

This smooth riding stroller provides comfort for my dog and ease for me in pushing it. I walk 6 miles every day and now I can take my senior dog with me. She loves it. I totally recommend this

Bedside Lounge Pet Bed
Melissa Black
She loves it!! 💕

Got it today. Easy to put together. First night trying it she’s already asleep. She loves all the room she has to stretch out vs her initial lil square bed. Lilly is 8 lbs 2 oz. and 2 more of her could fit comfortably. I can put her toys on one side and her on the other. When her lil brother visits he can bunk on the bottom! So many positives, I Love this bed! Update: This bed is so wonderful for my baby! She’s 3 months 3 weeks old and keeping her beside me has been working well for both of us. I just love those morning kisses I receive letting me know she’s awake and ready to go outside/eat/play. Getting another for our camper. To first time buyers: READ INSTRUCTIONS AND OR WATCH VIDEO. Clear instructions are given. Seller shows you what to do step by step. Plus it’s written down on paper twice!! SMH at those unnecessary complaints about this bed. 🥰

Love it!!!

Light weight, portable. Sits right next to my bed. Exactly what I wanted for my dog and I to get a peaceful nights sleep.
BUT!! Apparently, it’s not what my dog wants.
Would I recommend this dog bed? YES!

Bedside Lounge Pet Bed
Rescue Mamma2
Great bed!

My 2 rescue pups love this bed! When the dog(s) are not in bed the cats (we have 6) also enjoy a good nap. ; )

Mr. Python

Tongue & tan underside of head chewed off by 5 mo. Bernedoodle. Removed stuffing and re-sewed head to save her best friend, Mr, Python.


This kitty loves his scratcher condo! It’s a great size for my humans apartment. There are plenty of peep holes to feel safe while covertly keeping track of human activity. The cardboard meets my scratching requirements. Two paws up!

Would Recommend!

Well made, easy to assemble, great color. At first I thought it was a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. I am extremely happy and recommend!

This is the most expensive cardboard I have ever bought but that’s what my cats prefer so I was okay with it. It’s really great quality and pretty easy to put together with one person. My cat went in as I built it and she slept in the back cubby all day so it’s cat approved and I think it’ll hold up nice. One critique is that it only comes with 3 scratch boards in total, so the back lower and upper cubbies don’t have anything in them unless you put something in yourself. I put standard cat beds in and they fit well.

My dog no longer sleeps in my bed! She loves her new bed!!

There's nothing I don't like about this doggy bed!!

Sturdy, Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver.

We always keep this in our trunk and use as a tool. We go to any restaurant we want and she doesn’t have to lay on the floor. If she gets tired at the Farmers Market or there are too many people she goes in the stroller. We’ve had it for a year now and we use it often. Any well behaved dog that is socialized and is use to being out and about will enjoy this stroller.

My cat loves it

I love this stroller. Easy assembly and very smooth ride. Folds down easily, has pockets and a tray and good storage underneath. My cat just jumped in it on his own to hang out and I just got it today. Great color. I added an extra pad for comfort as the one that comes with it is very thin.

Heckin' comfy and convenient!

Got this for my 38lb mini Aussie shepherd/sheltie mix who is 15 years old and still has a lot of pep. I've just taken this stroller on an epic 7 mile walk through summer Minneapolis on sidewalk, gravel, over curbs, and dirt along the riverside and it held up quite well. Assembly was easy, but I am too lazy to take it apart again to fold it up, so I classified it as a medical device (because with my dog's weight serving as ballast, it also doubles as a walker!) The cabin is barely big enough to fit my baby, as if it's custom-made exactly for her, and the back zipper entrance is low enough for my baby to make a tiny leap into her "car" or "puppymobile" as I now call it. Back pockets are great for holding poop bags. My ONLY complaint is the fact that nowhere on amazon or on Petique's page could I find tires that would be more suitable for the upcoming winter, so I will just have to cross my fingers and hope a nearby bicycle shop would be able to help me with that customization. The "tire pump" that came with this is also a puny joke. I threw it away immediately. I am happy enough with this to order the rain cover for when it rains, but I can't confidently say that I'd trust this hooked up as a trailer to a bicycle. When my baby sees another dog and goes ballistic, it's all I can do to keep the stroller going straight or from tipping over. But the cover IS strong enough to handle her slamming from side to side in her angst at seeing another spoiled baby nearby, so there's that. All in all, this stroller has paid for itself and then some! Worth every penny.


Perfect! Easy to maneuver, smooth ride even when running, and fits both my 5 pound toy shihtzu ans 25 pound Boston terrier. Another nice feature is the front netting cover can be zipped off and entirely removed so that it is completely open (for my babies to enjoy the wind and the sun!). This stroller could use more storage pockets, as mentioned in other reviews. So I bought a “cups ‘n cargo” stroller organizer by J.L. Childress (back of true stroller, as pictured) and was able to put everything in it, including my pets’ frisbees, Chuck It, water, phone, sunglasses, etc. Very happy with this stroller (and the added organizer)!

My baby, I love her, she adapted perfectly to my bed

My baby, I love her, she adapted perfectly to my bed
We were so anxious for his new bed, it arrived a day earlier, it's just perfect, my baby I adore it, it's perfect in size and height, good quality perfect for my baby is happy, The only thing is that we put an additional mattress that is softer and with more support so that it is more comfortable, because the one you bring is very thin

Great Product

Product does a great job of cleaning a dog or cats teeth

Worth the money!

My cats love this cat house! Will defiantly be buying them another one!

Cats love it

This does not come with extra pieces like I read on other reviews. You put it together with double sides and bottoms and tops to make it stronger.

My cats love it!

My cats enjoy this little "house"! Constantly scratching on it.

My cats love it!

Our cats absolutely love this studio! They love chewing on the cardboard and the scratching floors. They loved it so much that I ordered a second so that they do not have to share.

This is perfect beside our bed to keep dogs close by sleeping without the distractions of them moving around in the bed. :)