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Great product, great company

We heavily use this product and would recommend it to anyone. The features that drew us to this product are the big inflatable tires, the brake, and the opening top hatch. As a bonus, we’d reached out to support a couple times and they follow up promptly and deal with any issues. Easily fits 2 large cats.

Best Dog Stroller!

We LOVE this durable and convenient stroller for our elderly dog. It has even doubled as a grocery cart/beach cart for us, as we live in the city. Goes on the bus like a regular stroller. All terrain for hikes and rough roads. Couldn’t be happier with it, and we use it every day! Bike attachment is awesome and allows for easy park and beach days. Get the rain cover too for inclement weather. Just as nice but much cheaper than some of the bike strollers at places like REI.

The best stroller ❤️

I have three little dogs and I take them everywhere. I love my red jogger stroller. It was the best investment I made a few years ago. I loved my stroller so much I had to buy another one. I tried many strollers but I love the jogger one because it is very easy to drive and move around, and it is very stable. Sometimes I carry groceries in it too ;)))

10/10 would buy again

Not gonna lie I was skeptical at first if my little guy would actually use it (16 lbs Yorkeepoo). He prefers to either sleep in between us or under the bed but then demands to be picked up in the middle of the night which was really annoying. Having him sleep in our bed was beginning to get annoying since he loves to sprawl out. However, once we started using this he has no issues at night time anymore. He will be content and let us sleep peacefully all night long. We bought this as an extension to our bed so he would still be next to us and see us at night. Not gonna lie though we've caught him trying to sneak out and climb into our bed but when we give him the "bed" command he listens and goes into his own bed. It's been a nice change and would definitely recommend this product.

Amazing for IVDD recovery

My yorkie was recently diagnosed with IVDD and is on strict bed rest for 1 month. For a dog with an active lifestyle, I was stressing out on how to keep him confined for long periods of time. I tried to keep him in multiple types of enclosures to make him comfortable, however he only gravitated towards this 3 in 1 stroller!

The functionality is really convenient as I can move him around my house without having to take him out of the carrier. He is also able to enjoy the outdoors without straining his body. Would highly recommend to anyone whose dog is on bed rest or recovering from IVDD.


Fantastic! My pups love it!

Very nice stroller for our Frenchie!

Great design and quality. I bought blue and pink one


Very nice stroller. Solid. Easy to assemble.


Size: Small (30" W x 20" D x 4" H)
Love it just the right size


Picture directions are easy enough to follow. Kittens love it! Good size. There is a good amount of room for them to stretch and take a cat nap.

Super cute and sturdy!

This will hold my two spaniels nicely. I love the 3 openings on the bottom where one can sleep there too.

My dog loves it! Highly recommend!

My 10 lb chihuahua/shih tzu mix has slept in our bed for years but now that I’m pregnant, I need all the space I can get and started feeling crowded sharing the bed with our furbaby. My husband and I purchased this as an “extension” of our bed so we wouldn’t have to completely kick our dog out of the room. It is the same height as our bed so it’s perfect. We put my dog’s blanket in it and he started sleeping in it from day 1 without giving us any grief! Love this thing. Highly recommend!

My dogs love it!

Got this for my pups so I could have them near me when I work from home. They climb onto my bed, then into this dog bed. They love being elevated and being able to see out the window while I work! They love it and I LOVE that they love it!


The instructions for assembly were easy and it was just popping parts into place. My pups love going on adventures in their storller.


Bentley my dog loves this toy! It's his FAV! I love how it's actually durable compared to other toys in the market. It's made out of hemp, which is a PLUS!


There are several cats in this household, & each one absolutely loves this cat house. I definitely need at least one more. My cats are obsessed (5-star rating is from the cats & me)!

Best bunny hideout ever!

I have three of these for my two house rabbits and they love them! They run through the bottom compartments and sleep in the top compartments. They love to chew the walls and the scratching boards, which is all cardboard, and so safe for them. I bought these three years ago and they will likely last another three years, at least. Very sturdy and easy to piece together. This item is a long-lasting investment and is well worth the cost.

Owned nearly 2 years and very happy!

I bought this stroller for my cat. He doesn't like the top, so he wears a leash that I hold onto while he rides free in the basket part. I can even fit my kitchen trash bag in there when we walk to the dumpster. The dog rides if she wants. After nearly 2 years, everything is holding up well, in snow, mud, fields, etc.


My dogs love going for long walks together in this stroller & I Love that it has 2 straps for 2 animals!! Exactly what I have been looking for!!

Very nice stroller

Stroller is well built and was easy to assemble the little bit that needs assembly on arrival. Sturdy, steers well. Large wheels are easy to maneuver over rough terrain.

This stroller is really great! We needed something that was easy to load in the SUV and this one met the need. It also is very well made and we really like it.

This was a hit with my big boy!

Very sturdy! I have 2 rambunctious 13 lb boys and they love it and it’s held up well so far.


My cats love it, and it is well made! I have two savannahs and one rescue. It fits large cats. One of my savannahs is large, and he rolls around in this thing, and it doesn't budge. It's not going to fall over.

Stroller Walkies

I have only used this a few times, as I'm working on slowly acclimating my cats to both the stroller and all the sites, sounds, and smells they encounter when they're out in it. My long term goal is to take them on long walks to get exercise for me and enrichment for them. So far they seem to enjoy it! My youngest doesn't want to get out once we come home, and eagerly hops back in and meows to go again!