Three Valuable Dog Training Tips

Three Valuable Dog Training Tips

Three Valuable Dog Training Tips

Known as “Man’s Best Friend” dogs for good reason, canines are loyal, loving, snuggly, and overjoyed to see their humans. Dogs make great companions, happily obeying our instructions and walking dutifully beside us through life’s journeys. However, what if your pooch is more like a wild animal, than an obedient buddy?


Here are three training tips: 

  1. Sit 

According to Cesar’s Way, the first command a dog should learn is, “Sit.” This command is generally easy to teach, providing a good foundation to more in-depth training. Begin by holding a high-quality treat (we recommend Hooked Paw Me bites) close to your dog’s nose and lift your hand. Your pooch’s head naturally rises and their hind quarters rest on the ground. This generally places them into a seated position. Of course, reward them with the treat as the final step. Learning this trick will give your puppy confidence for further training. 


  1. Leash Training

Leash training is an essential. For proper mental and physical health dogs (and people) need regular walks. Proper leash training ensures a safe and pleasant experience for everyone involved. The AKC recommends introducing your dog to their collar and leash (we sell some great leashes, btw) in short segments of time. Use this time to play with your dog and offer treats as rewards. After your fur baby is comfortable with their collar and leash, practice walking in your home. You may feel odd but don’t worry; no one is watching! Using a treat and clicking sound, call your pup to you. When they obey, walk slightly away. Once your doggo understands the importance of properly responding to your cues, take him outside and practice with increasingly longer walks.



  1. Recall Training (Teaching Your Dog to Come when you Call)

This command is a potentially lifesaving skill for your pet. Trusting that your dog consistently responds and obeys your command to “Come” gives you confidence and security when taking him out in public, since you won’t have to fear the danger of your puppy pulling a runner in traffic.  

An article in states that this skill is most successful when used with a high-value treat as incentive. (Again, our treats are delicious. Don’t take our word for it. Let your dog be the judge!) Place your pooch on a leash. Call his name and gently pull him in your direction. Once he reaches you, reward him with a treat. After your dog consistently responds with appropriate behavior, remove the leash and perform the exercise. 




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