Happy Camper Pet Carrier Prevents Your Pet From Getting Bug Bites

Happy Camper Pet Carrier Prevents Your Pet From Getting Bug Bites

We love taking our pets outside! You can tell your pets enjoy it too when they start rolling around in the grass or jump into bushes. One thing we don't love, are the bug that they'll attract such as mosquitoes. Everyone hates bug bites, even your pets! Bug bites can become an itchy nuisance to life threatening in an instant. To humans it’s more itchy than anything, however, pets will often lick or chew bites that are more painful than itchy.

Happy Camper Pet Carrier expandable mesh sides

A solution we came up with was the Happy Camper Pet Carrier! It is uniquely designed with 360-degree wheels for a smooth ride to transforming into a house with four expandable sides! With four extendable mesh sides, your pets can move around freely, broaden their view and have increased air circulation to sniff fresh air, while staying protected from unwanted bugs.

black dog inside Petique's Happy Camper Pet Carrier

The wide durable shape of the pet carrier helps reduce your pets stress and anxiety while traveling. Unlike other pet carriers, our lightweight, 3-in-1 pet carrier doesn’t bind your pets to one position. When you think traveling with your pets has never been more convenient, the Happy Camper Pet Carrier provides three essential carrying options to carry your paw-tner around: The telescoping handle to smoothly roll them around on four wheels, carrying them using the comfortably padded shoulder strap, or carrying them using the durable top handle straps.

Petique's Happy Camper Pet Carrier telescopic handle

Potential insect bites will always be looming over our heads, especially in the summer. However, we should do everything we can to stop those bugs in their tracks! Be active and protect your pets from bug bites!



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