6 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About the Shiba Inu

6 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About the Shiba Inu

Often mistaken for a fox, the Shiba Inu are one of the oldest breeds native to Japan and was originally bred as a hunting dog to go after boars, birds and even bears! Today, the Shiba Inu are known to be a bold watchdogs with a high-spirited nature. They are one of Japan’s six native breeds: Shiba (small), Kishu, Hokkaido, Kai, Shikoku (medium), and Akita (large). Are you considering bringing a Shiba Inu into your life? Here are some Shiba Inu facts and information you may or may not already know! 



1. Bold Personality

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The Japanese describe the Shiba Inu in three words: alert, spirited and good hearted. They're smart, loyal, but also very stubborn. The Shiba Inu is a wonderful companion, though their strong-willed personality can be too much for some people. They're really possessive about their toys, food and territory. They have been known to show their aggressive side if someone, or another animal, tries to get their food or be in their territory. They love a good chase. There's a strong chance they will chase a squirrel, chipmunk, or cat.


2. Love to Exercise

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They're sturdy, muscular dogs with cat-like agility to match. The types of people that are great for a Shiba Inu are people who love to exercise. People who can really give them attention and play with them regularly. If a Shiba Inu doesn't get proper exercise, they're more likely to create destructive behaviors, such as digging and growling.


3. Like to Keep Themselves Clean

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Similar to a cat, the Shiba Inu are actually a breed that really like to clean and groom themselves. They'll lick their paws and clean their eyes. Grooming is minimal for the pet owner. One thing to take not is that the Shiba Inu hate getting wet. They will even avoid puddles! So, if you want them to get bathed, you need to have them start young. It's important to get your Shiba Inu accustomed to being in the water. The good news is that they have self-cleaning coats that repel dirt, so pet owners don’t need to wash them as often as other breeds.


4. Little Grooming, LOTS of Shedding

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The Shiba Inu has a glossy overcoat and a thick undercoat to keep them warm, even in cooler weather. This means they shed a lot, generally throughout the year but more so twice a year. They are double coated with the outercoat being stiff and straight, and the undercoat being soft and thick. The purpose of their short fur is to protect their underlying skin from any snow, rain and heat. Shedding is super heavy during the summer. It's recommended that pet owners don't shave their beautiful coats because their fur is what protects them from the heat and getting sunburned. Shaving their coat will not make them cooler. Their coat protects them from both hot and cold temperatures.


5. Vet Visits

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The average life of a Shiba is 12 to 15 years old. It's important that the Shiba Inu has periodic joint examinations throughout their life because they are prone to developing arthritis. Many older dogs have arthritis, and bigger dogs tend to have more pain and disability than smaller dogs. Good nutrition and proper exercise are also important to help reduce bone and joint problems as they get older. You should not let them become overweight because this puts a huge strain on their joint, along with other problems.

It's also a good idea to have their eyes checked as well. The Shiba Inu may inherit or develop eye problems which can lead to blindness, if not treated right away.


6. Importance of Socializing

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What does this mean? Socializing simply means introducing them to another animal or human. By doing this, they can learn proper social skills and be confident when meeting other animals or humans. In fact, a well socialized dog will not only be comfortable in their regular routine, but will also be confident enough to handle new situations and changes in their routine. If they're not socialized, they could be aggressive or erratic towards other people and animals. It's okay if they weren't socialized at a young age or shows some socialization issues. You just have to bring them to an expert to properly train them.

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