Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

Do you like walking your dog or are you in the camp of folks who dread the daily chore? Walking your dog can sometimes seem like an annoying task, especially when the weather fails to cooperate. Unfortunately, nearly 40% of dog owners do not take their dogs on regular walks. And this is a shame because dog-walking offers numerous benefits, both for you and your furry friend!


Benefits of Dog Walking:

  1. Helps prevent obesity in your pet (and yourself)  

Keeping both of your weight on target keeps health problems at bay. The introduction of a daily walk of just 30 minutes a day can lower your pooch’s weight by 15%. (It won’t hurt your own girth, either.)



  1. Uses up excess energy

Since unexercised canines tend toward destructive behaviors, daily exercise will minimize the risk of your dog’s energy on your home and accessories. In the same way a trip to a playground helps over-active toddlers burn excess energy, a nice brisk walk works wonders toward calming an over-energetic dog. If your dog comes from a herding or hunting breed (such as a collie or retriever), they need significantly more exercise. You might consider taking them to a dog park, where they can safely run off-the-leash.



  1. Provides bonding through training

Most dogs do not instinctively know how to properly walk on a leash. As you train them to listen to and obey your cues, you enjoy quality bonding-time to help her behave well around other animals as well as humans you encounter along the trail.



  1. Enables your dog to safely enjoy the sights and sounds of the outside world

Instilling proper social cues and behavior, regular walking socializes pets. This is an important part of growth. What’s more, walking regularly through busy neighborhoods satisfies curious noses. This is important since a dog’s sense of smell is 10 to 100 (some experts say even 1,000,000 times more refined than that of humans). 



  1. Stimulate their mind 

Bored dogs often turn toward naughty behavior. Regular daily walks offer plenty of mental stimuli for your pooch. Additionally, herding dogs hone their problem-solving skills for “herding” you as you navigate through the streets.



A few things to bear in mind before you walk: 

  • Bring bags to pick up your dog’s poo. Cleaning up after your pooch is your responsibility. 
  • Bring water and a portable dish and give your dog frequent water breaks. 
  • Outfit your dog with an appropriately-sized, sturdy leash (we produce reflective leashes in a variety of sizes and colors). 
  • Pay attention to the weather. Avoid walking on days that are too hot or too cold. Consider the impact our dog’s paws will have on cement. Skip the day’s walk and play inside in adverse conditions.



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