5 Thanksgiving Foods Dangerous to Dogs

5 Thanksgiving Foods Dangerous to Dogs

We’re always tempted to sneak food under the table to seize the stare from those sad puppy dog eyes. However, you should think about what your going to feed them before you do. It’s true that dogs will eat anything, but that’s because they don’t know what’s good or bad for them. That’s where your good parenting comes in. Here are just a few foods you should avoid and share for Thanksgiving.


Foods to AVOID

No, Cooked Bones: You may be tempted to throw your dog a bone but please don’t! Cooked bones are brittle and fragments can lodge themselves in your dog’s throat and intestines.

No, Skin: Chicken, pork, and other skins contain fat content. These added oils and seasonings make it a bad choice for your dog.

No, Sage: Sage, and other herbs, and essential oils can cause an upset stomach and other complications.

No, Onions: Onions can lead to a threatening form of anemia which can go undetected until it’s too late.


No, Gravy: Gravy, fatty foods and trimmings are known to cause pancreatitis in dogs.


Foods to SHARE

Yes, Turkey: Turkey is safe for your pet. However, only in treat-sized portions. Make sure the turkey contains no bones or skin. Only the white meat! You can always opt for our Turkey Tendons pet chews. Our Turkey Tendons are made with only one ingredient, 100% turkey, and contains no additives or preservatives.

Yes, Plain Mashed Potatoes: Plain mashed potatoes are perfectly fine for your dog. Make sure when you feed them that there is butter and/or seasonings.

Yes, Pumpkin: Pumpkin, plain cooked or canned, can be a sweet treat for your pet. However, don’t feed your dogs pumpkin pie filling!

Yes, Yams: Plain yams are rich and full of fiber, which is good for dogs.

Yes, Cranberries: Cranberries in small amounts and in its pure form, not that cranberry sauce, can serve up nutritional vitamin C and antioxidants.


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