Why Choosing the Right Cat Bed is Important to Your Cat's Health

Why Choosing the Right Cat Bed is Important to Your Cat's Health

Imagine the forces at work on your body when you’re in bed:

  • Gravity pushes you down.
  • Your hips, shoulders, joints and skeletal frame are pushed into your mattress.
  • Pressure has a cumulative, damaging effect.

Subjected to the forces of gravity, your body reacts to your bed. The same is true for your cats. With such comparatively tiny frames, felines should sleep on a supportive surface. So, don’t make the mistake of purchasing an inexpensive bed that fails to properly support your pet. Although the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) estimates that 50 percent of pet owners in the United States allow their dogs and/or cats to sleep in bed with them, this is not the best course of action for human (or pet) sleep.  Instead, experts recommend directing your cat to a far more supportive and secluded spot – a cat bed!



Cat, Meet Bed

  1. Choose the right bed.
    Many cats prefer sleeping at higher elevations. So, if you place her bed on a low spot, she is likely to reject it. Instead, invest in an elevated bed like the Feline Cat House by Petique, Inc. Another option is to place whatever bed you buy on a higher plane. But make sure the surface is stable, so your cat feels safe and comfortable. If your cat prefers to stay closer to the ground, consider the Eco Hammock Pet Bed, which freely but safely suspends cats while simultaneously providing extra support.



  2. Make sure it smells right.
    Don’t laugh. Cats turn their tiny noses up at beds that smell “funny.” So, resist the urge to buy a bed from a warehouse store or discount chain, which handles a wide variety of products and associated smells. Also, the more people who have handled the bed, the more likely your cat is liable to reject it. If you order from an online product manufacturer, such as Petique, Inc., your cat bed will be free from the hands and scents of hundreds of shoppers.




  3. Bed placement
    Like their human counterparts, cats are creatures of habit. So if your cat seems to prefer one area of the house to another, take that into account when placing the bed. Don’t assume you will be able to effortlessly relocate your pet. Cats love sunny, warm spots. So, if doing so is possible, we recommend placing the bed in front of a sun ray. Most cats love to nap in the sun.



  4. Introduce your cat to his or her new bed.
    Yes, you should do this. We know it sounds weird. But cats do not like things they consider unfamiliar. So, place some treats or a favorite toy he likes by the bed, so he starts to feel comfortable (and familiar) with the bed.



About Petique, Inc. 

Located in Ontario, California, Petique, Inc. is a women-owned business specializing in non-toxic pet supplies and consumables. Pet owners ourselves, we share a passion to create a positive, healthy and fun environment for your furry family members. We also strive to create quality pet products that conserve ecological resources whenever possible, and consciously avoid depleting natural resources. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product development and design, we take pride in creating eco-friendly and non-toxic items, reliable travel gear and innovative products. Contact us today, visit our website or call (909) 673-0998.

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