Pet-Related Resolutions: Exercise

Pet-Related Resolutions: Exercise

Pet-Related Resolutions: Exercise

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series

Last week, we started a three-part series designed to help you keep your pet-related New Year’s Resolutions. In part one, we discussed fitness as it relates to your pet’s diet. In this week’s post, we tackle exercise-related resolutions. Finally, we will wrap up our series by discussing ways to organize everything related to your pet for a great start in 2019. 

As we referenced in last week’s blog, one of the first steps to take before embarking on any fitness regime is to make a baseline assessment. After all; how will you know where you want to go if you don’t honestly determine where you are when you start? What is true for humans also applies to our furry friends. Pets come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, based on factors such as ancestry, lifestyle and diet. But how can you determine whether your pet is healthy or needs a leg up on his or her fitness routine?

Breed – From tiny 3-lb teacup Pomeranians to massive 200-pound Doberman Pinschers, dogs’ muscle mass, skeletal size and coat density vary considerably according to breed. And although the American Kennel Club (AKC) assigns a breed standard for weight and size, veterinarians see a huge variability even within individual canine breeds. When it comes to felines, however, weight and associated physiques are more similar no matter the breed – with housecats averaging about 10 pounds each. 

Fat or Fluffy?

Don’t fixate on a number on the scale (which, by the way, is healthy advice for humans, too). Instead, assess body condition. A quick at-home test to determine if your dog or cat is fluffy or just plain fat is to run your palms along the underside of his or her rib cage, just behind the front legs. If you can feel the contours of the ribs with your palms, (and do not have to use your fingers to push through fat deposits to feel the ribs), your pet is probably an appropriate weight. If, on the other hand, you can feel sharp edges of protruding ribs with your palms, your pet might be too thin. To make sure, take your animal to the veterinarian at regular intervals and ask about weight. 

  1. Set Goals
    Once you’ve determined whether your pet should be on a maintenance or weight-loss regimen, set goals. Modest improvements over time are more sustainable than aggressive changes that may seem more substantial but could derail if life gets busy.
  2. Start Slowly
    Up the ante over time so you and your pet can work up to an aggressive fitness routine without injury. If you add just 10 percent more activity to your routine each day, you will multiply your pet’s current routine by 100 percent in just 10 days. And the added fitness will be good for you, too!
  3. Walk
    Walking is good for you and your dog. If you live in inclement weather, consider investing in a treadmill. With a little training, your dog could burn lots of energy as well as calories without ever stepping foot outside the house. But when you can swing it, take him or her outside. Dogs love not just movement but sights and smells. If you have a cat, we don’t suggest you try to walk it. If you own a cat, you know why.
  4. Play
    Pets love to interact with humans. So, invest in some toys designed to get their blood pumping. Our Paw Me Treat Ball is a great option to keep pets interested and on the move. We also offer several great Cat Scratch Boards and Posts in several styles and price points. Like all of our products, they are eco-friendly. 

Check back next week, when we conclude our three-part series by focusing on ways to organize pet-related products.



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