How to Create a Positive Environment for your Pets 🐾

How to Create a Positive Environment for your Pets 🐾

Pets, kids, guests, and anything new can be tricky to plan for. That being said, how do you prepare for and create an enriching environment for your pet?

Here are five tips that have helped us create and maintain the most positive environments for our pets:

Make and Keep Daily Routines

Pets thrive on stability and routines; we have seen this through experience and scientific discoveries (i.e. Pavlov). Your pets might have distinct reactions to when you wake up, pull in the driveway, or touch a leash.

Try to plan your day with your pet's schedule in mind. When are their feeding times? Are they used to multiple bathroom breaks? Do they get treats every night before bed? Keeping this in mind will help give your pets have more consistency and live happier lives.

Rotate toys and treats

Would you get bored of doing the same activities and having the same meals day after day? Well, so would your pets!

While consistency is key, so is engaging your pet. Periodically switching toys allows for increased levels of stimulus. It also lessens the risks of bacteria and choking hazards since older toys wear down and get dirty.

Introduce puzzle toys

Puzzle toys have a multitude of benefits for pets. They slow down fast eaters, make pets use their natural hunting instincts, and increase mental and physical stimulation.

It's great for pets of any age and it helps relieve excess energy as well as keep them busy and engaged.

Engage in play daily

Your pets love to spend time with you and play with you. Finding ways to engage in active play with your pet is of the utmost importance. Whether it is belly rubs, throwing around some toys, or setting up an agility course, your pet is sure to love the quality time with you.

Engaging in about 30 minutes of play per day will be very beneficial to your pets.

Go outdoors


People think getting outdoors is just for dogs! Most pets can get outdoors easily.

Cats, turtles, lizards, and rabbits love frolicking through the grass. If you want to get your pets outside, start training them. Practice harness-wearing and walking with a leash indoors before heading outside. Then, when you're ready to get outdoors, keep the activity small. This will help your pets gradually get used to the outdoors until they're ready for bigger adventures.


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