Cleaning Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Pet

Cleaning Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Pet

Within the past few years, we have been using household cleaning products more than ever. What if we told you that by trying to keep yourself safe from bacteria, you're actually putting your pets at risk of major health issues?!
 Ingredients such as bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers -  found in common household cleaners can be extremely toxic for pets, children, and even adults. Cancer, anemia, liver and kidney damage are all health risks pets face when exposed to toxic chemicals. Even when toxic cleaners are closed and stored away in a cabinet, the vapors left behind can harm us, our children, and our furry friends.
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Common Household Chemicals and Related Health Issues:

Ammonia: skin irritation, burns, respiratory and neurological issues

Glycol Ethers(carpet cleaners): kidney and lung damage and even leukemia




 Non-toxic cleaners are just that - NON-TOXIC. Products such as Petique's Odor Eliminator Collection With Photocatalyst Technology use green chemistry - which means there are absolutely no harmful ingredients. Photocatalyst Technology works with the air molecules in our eco-system to instantly dissolve and break down bad odor molecules and turns them into H2O and CO2.
Spraying Instant Odor Eliminator X+ On Face
Most cleaning products on the market use fragrances to mask odors so that consumers feel like they're REALLY cleaning. What if I told you the molecules that cause odors and stains are still there, even after using these toxic products?! 
All pets are at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals, but cats are particularly vulnerable since they constantly self-grooming after being exposed to toxins and because their bodies do not handle toxins well due to the lack of certain liver enzymes. 
  • Try to use Non-Toxic cleaning products instead - make sure they are free of sulfates, alcohols, harsh irritating chemicals and detergents

Petique's Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator With Photocatalyst Technology 

  • Read labels carefully and follow use instructions properly
  • Be aware of the chemical strength, if you HAVE to use products such as bleach or alcohol be sure to dilute it
  • When cleaning with chemicals, place children and pets in a different room and ensure there is PLENTY of ventilation


About Petique, Inc. 

Located in Ontario, California, Petique, Inc. is a women owned business specializing in non-toxic pet supplies and consumables that help your dogs, cats, and small animals live a longer and healthier life. As pet owners, we share a passion in creating a safe, healthy and fun environment for your furry family members. We strive to create high quality pet products that conserve ecological resources whenever possible, while avoiding depletion of natural resources. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product development and design, we take pride in creating eco-friendly and non-toxic items, reliable travel gear and innovative products. Contact us todayvisit our website or call (909) 673-0998.


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