Biggest Stressor for Cats During Quarantine

Biggest Stressor for Cats During Quarantine

Are you stuck at home during quarantine? Sounds pretty great. You’re finally getting the vacation you deserve. You celebrate by eating all of your snacks, while binge watching shows you’ve been meaning to watch. But not everyone’s happy about this development. Who could it be? Oh right, your cat! You being inside “their” home is a violation of their privacy. Some cats might even say you’re trespassing. Now, that’s not to say all cats hate having their owners home. But some cats… some cats absolutely dread it. All their privacy. All their alone time. Gone in the blink of an eye. All jokes aside, you staying at home and invading their space could actually promote stress and even anxiety in your cats. Don’t believe us?

Cat Hiding During Quarantine

Cats experience anxiety when they anticipate danger from "unknown or imagined origins that result in normal body reactions ... associated with fear," explains PetMD. In other words, an anxious cat appears stressed and afraid for no obvious reason. However, this doesn't mean that there isn't a reason.

Some sounds and smells we enjoy can make our cats absolutely miserable. Cats have a heightened sense of smell and hearing that serves their wild counterparts well. Cats hear a broad range of sounds, including high-pitched ones and high-frequency sounds. This means cats can hear a lot of sounds we can’t, such as fluorescent light bulbs, computer monitors and, sadly, even the sound of our voices can cause them anxiety.

A cat's reaction to loud and abrupt noises is an evolutionary response. While humans also get startled by sounds, we can easily figure out that the noise won’t harm us, unlike cats. Cats will more than likely run away and hide. A simple solution is to get them something that is just for them, such as a cat house. Not just any cat house though. Something that is non-toxic and eco-friendly, like one of Petique’s Felline Penthouse or Feline Fortress Cat House. 



The Feline Penthouse Cat House and Feline Fortress Cat House are designed to be safe for your pets and safe for our planet! Your feline friends will enjoy lounging on the roof or hiding out and getting cozy on the first floor. Our cardboard pet houses reduce stress and anxiety, which is why cats are naturally drawn to our eco-friendly cardboard cat houses. They are sustainable, super lightweight and sturdy, and with multiple scratch boards, your feline friend will be clawing for more! Your feline friend will thank you for thinking of them during these hard times.


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