7 Reasons Why Dogs (and Cats) Need Pet Joggers

7 Reasons Why Dogs (and Cats) Need Pet Joggers

Petique incorporates beautiful design and excellent engineering in all our products. With quality bike tires and EVA foam grip for long lasting comfort, our lightweight All Terrain Pet Joggers are not only made to run smoothly, they are also made to be an overall enjoyable ride for your pets.


We all know dogs need their exercise, but there are also times when dogs can really use a pet jogger. If you own a pet jogger or have ever considered owning one, then you have an idea of how beneficial pet joggers can be. Below are the seven reasons why dogs need pet joggers in their life.


Benefits of Pet Joggers


Did your dog just get groomed or you simply do not like having wet dogs in the house? Good thing Petique's All Terrain Pet Joggers come with a rain cover to protect your pets from getting wet. No rain or harsh weather can stop you and your pets from being outside! The rain cover can also keep your pets warm by blocking some of the wind that goes through the ventilated mesh windows. You can happily go about your day outdoors while giving your dog some fresh air at the same time.


The concrete can get extremely hot during the summer and extremely cold during the winter. Putting your dog in the pet jogger protects your dog's paws from getting burned. The pet jogger also provides shade, protecting your dog from overheating. Our All Terrain Pet Jogger can hold pets up to 60 LBS (30 kgs).


Have you ever seen a dog lie down in the middle of their walk? When humans take their dogs out to exercise, some dogs get tired after a while. You can put them in the All Terrain Pet Jogger and continue exercising while they rest and enjoy the breeze.


Holding up to 60 LBS (30 kgs), Petique's All Terrain Pet Jogger can help older dogs, handicapped dogs and other disabled dogs get around. Whether it's from the vet or to the park, the pet jogger is great transportation for your pets. There are two entrances on our pet joggers: the front and the back where the adjustable handle is. The back unzips into a huge entrance, giving your pets easy access. The pet jogger also puts your pets out of harms way when there are a lot of cars around or debris on the ground.


A lot of places like hotels, restaurants, and stores are becoming more pet friendly. With the pet jogger holding up to 60 LBS, it makes it easier to bring your pets to more places. Petique's All Terrain Pet Joggers makes transportation and traveling easy. They're basically carriers on wheels! You can easily take your pets anywhere with you without worrying they will get loose and run away or if they're experiencing anxiety, they will feel safe and less stress in the pet jogger. The pet jogger is also the place to take a nap when they get tired from playing with other dogs, kids, and the exciting outside world.


Pet Joggers lets you easily take dogs into pet friendly restaurants. You wouldn't have to worry about your dog going up to other people's tables or laying on (God knows what's) on the floor. Your dog will be an obedient dog by sitting or lying nicely in their pet jogger. Everybody will be able to have an enjoyable meal!


You can easily transport your pets or litter of puppies to the vet in the safety of Petique's All Terrain Pet Jogger. Are your pets scared of other animals or people? Do they have anxiety? Putting your pets in the pet jogger will help them feel safe and stress free. In an event of an emergency, the pet jogger will prevent your pets from running away and endangering themselves.


Why you would love Petique's All Terrain Pet Joggers

  • The four large mesh windows would keep the breeze in and the pests out! Keeping your dogs cool and preventing them from overheating. Our All Terrain Pet Joggers also come with a rain cover to protet your pets from getting wet and protecting them from other harsh weather.
  • Our All Terrain Pet Jogger has two large zippered entrances - one in the front, one in the back for easy access. For the safety of your pets, there are three adjustable leashes and a padded interior to keep your pets comfortable and secure.
  • There is a peek-a-boo window on the roof of the pet jogger for you to check on your adorable pet and a peek-a-boo window cover to protect your pets from those harsh rays.
  • Our large bike tires with great shock absorption and traction makes for a smooth ride! Flat tire? Worry no more! We've got you guys covered with our bonus tire pump! Now you can pump those flat tires back into good condition!
  • Our dual color, adjustable EVA handle with multiple positions give humans of all sizes a comfortable grip while pushing the All Terrain Pet Jogger.
  • For all you bikers out there, bicyclists that is. An optional bike adapter is provided for you to take your pets on a joy ride! Fun for you, fun for your pets!
  • When your All Terrain Pet Jogger gets dirty, you can actually remove the entire fabric and have it cleaned up in the washing machine. There is just one very important thing.. do NOT put the fabric in the dryer. Due to the mesh material on the jogger, the fabric is only to be line dried or air dried,


Petique's All Terrain Pet Joggers come in two fashions:

Petique's "Blazin' Berry" All Terrain Pet Jogger in Magenta

Petique's "Sailboat" All Terrain Pet Jogger in Blue

For more information on the All Terrain Pet Jogger by Petique, visit www.petique.com



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