4 Ways to Love Your Pet this Valentine’s Day (& Always)

4 Ways to Love Your Pet this Valentine’s Day (& Always)

4 Ways to Love Your Pet this Valentine’s Day (& Always)

Pets do more for us than we can accurately describe. They offer unconditional love. Encourage us to play. Snuggle up next to us when we’re sick. Coax us to laugh. Lick us when we cry. Since Valentine’s Day marks the time to show affection, make sure you mark this February 14 not only by celebrating with special people in your life but also by showing your fluffy friends a little love. 



  1. Treat your loved ones right 

While you could buy a bag of processed dog or cat treats at the grocery store, that’s a little like picking up a bouquet by the cash register on a milk run. Technically, both qualify as gestures. But we know you can do better. One way to treat your pets with love is to order Petique Under the Sea and Above the Land Bites. Suitable for both dogs and cats, these 100% natural, protein-rich, one-ingredient treats are made without preservatives or additives. We bake them at low temperatures to maintain nutritional value. And when it comes to the people in your life, pop for a real bouquet this year…not something that comes wrapped in plastic. 


  1. Plan Playtime

Some cats might object. So, you might want to play this one by ear. But most dogs love nothing more than to spend time with you – their favorite human! So, toss the ball or play tag with the canine of your choice. Petique offers a great product which enables you to combine play with eating. Suitable for both cats and dogs, our non-toxic, BPA-free treat ball is infused with vanilla. Stow a treat inside and watch your fur ball go to town. If your kitty prefers going solo instead, put your money where their claws are. We offer several environmentally-friendly scratching posts or scratch boards to encourage physical activity and stimulate the mind. 



  1. Capture your relationship

You’ve seen pictures of people with their pets. But have you ever scheduled a professional shoot? This is a fun activity to do with your pet which marks your relationship in a way that amateur shots never will.  



  1. Dinner for Two

Valentine’s Day dinners are par for the course for couples. But pets love great food, too. So, feel free to indulge your pet to show him you care. Resist the urge to share fatty foods that might be difficult to digest. If kibble is her standard fare, mix it up by adding something tasty and nutritional, such as baked chicken, vegetables, potatoes or rice. But beware; once you share these delicacies with your pet, they might rebel the next time you offer plain dry food. 




About Petique

Located in Ontario, California, Petique Inc is a woman- and family-owned business specializing in pet supplies and consumables. Pet owners ourselves, we share a passion to create a positive, healthy and fun environment for furry family members. We also strive to create quality pet products that conserve ecological resources whenever possible, and consciously avoid depleting natural resources. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product development and design, we take pride in creating eco-friendly and non-toxic items, reliable travel gear and innovative products. Contact us today, visit our website or call (909) 673-0998.

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