5 Things You Absolutely Need For A Road Trip With Your Pet

5 Things You Absolutely Need For A Road Trip With Your Pet

What could make a road trip with friends even BETTER?! A road trip with your pets! I can imagine it now, windows down flying on the highway with the fresh breeze flowing through your pet's fur, ahhhh the LIFE.

Traveling with pets can become stressful at times, here are 5 products that would make any furbaby road trip a breeze!

1. Petique's Newport Stroller

This pet stroller is an amazing 3-in-1 travel system that makes travelling with pets effortless. It converts from a stroller into a car sear and carrier and features a spacious interior and durable frame to keep your fur baby safe and secure. It comes equipped with a patented pee pad insert to make cleaning up messes a whole lot easier since accidents happen! 


2. Petique's Backpacker Pet Carrier

This comfy and handy dandy carrier is the perfect travel necessity to bring your pets with you! The large quality mesh windows provide optimal ventilation throughout the pet carrier for your dogs, cats, and other small animals to feel relaxed and comfortable. After an incredible adventure out with your pets, it folds flat for easy storage! It comes in handy to carry your pets effortlessly when they get tired or when it becomes too hot for them to walk. If you don’t end up using the Backpacker as a carrier, it becomes an extra backpack to hold your goods and souvenirs!


3. Petique's Portabowl

The Portabowl is travel ready with its dual collapsible bowls and compact storage design that's easily washable and ready to use by pets of any shapes and sizes. Whether you're going on a hike or off to brunch, you can effortlessly provide meals to your pets anywhere you go. Its double bowl design works as a full meal with food and water or feeding two furry friends at the same time. Durable and reusable, our foldable bowls can be painlessly detached and rinsed, wiped clean or placed in the dishwasher after each use. If you have an eager eater, the bowls won’t tip over due to the extra weight at the bottom. The bowls are adjustable according to your pet's size and face shape.


4. Petique's Multi Purpose Odor Eliminator OR Instant Odor Eliminator X+

Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator

Get rid of the toughest stains and strongest odors. If it smells, it’s gone! The powerful photocatalyst technology in our Odor Eliminator does more than kill bacteria odors and completely remove stains, it continuously works for 24 hours! The non-toxic, green chemistry is safe to use around pets and children. The photocatalyst technology in the Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator works with the air molecules in our eco-system to instantly dissolve and decompose the bad odor molecules and turn them into H2O & CO2. It works on any surface and if your furball has an accident or gets car sick, the stain will magically disappear after spraying this stain remover!

Instant Odor Eliminator X+:

This magical odor eliminator is a concentrated formula that works with nature! If your pet gets smelly after being outside, rubs in another pups pee, or gets their backpacker smelling like butt, this instant odor eliminator will completely dissolve and decompose any and all bacteria odors. It is so safe and non-toxic that it can be used on a cloth to clean eye boogers or muddy paws!


5. Petique's Pet Strollers or Joggers 

If your pet gets tired during adventures, is disabled and you don't want them to miss out on spontaneous trips or is unvaccinated and you want to keep them safe, a pet stroller or jogger is the perfect solution. Pet's deserve to tag along on adventures with us, it can be difficult without a form of pets-portation but they can stay comfy and safe while getting to experience the world in their pet stroller! All of Petique strollers and joggers are easy to fold and compactly store in the trunk of your car, so now your pet never has to miss another road trip!


Have you ever taken your pet on a road trip? Let us know and stay tuned for more PAWsome pet parent tips!


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