5 Proven Ways To Keep Your Pet Relaxed During Grooming

5 Proven Ways To Keep Your Pet Relaxed During Grooming

Grooming is a vital part of pet ownership, it keeps their nails healthy, reduces shedding, prevents ear infections, and it can keep your pet from dealing with undetected fleas or ticks.


You should begin grooming your pet when they are young, this allows them to get used to it and creates a bonding experience. Some pets are rescued and have never been groomed or just never calm down during grooming, which in turn stresses pet parents out. Try these tips to keep your fur baby relaxed during grooming:


Keep Their Environment Calm

Try grooming them on a quiet day, when kids aren't running around outside or in your home, turn the TV or any loud sounds off so that they don't frighten your pet. Pets can get agitated and anxious by loud, sudden sounds. By creating a calm environment, your pet will associate grooming with relaxation.    


Use Pet CBD

Pet Safe CBD has a long list of benefits, limiting seizures, reducing inflammation, and most importantly reducing anxiety! 

CBD is a safe and natural way to relax your pet. Multiple veterinary studies published in the past two years have shown that, even when given high levels of CBD, pets experienced no major adverse effects. Remember, CBD contains no intoxicating properties and will not get your pet high.



Reward Them For Calmness

Counter-conditioning is a great training tool for a stressed or agitated pet! By using their favorite treats/toys or giving them lots of love and praise, it allows your pet to associate bath and grooming time with positive actions. So rather than seeing grooming as scary, your dog sees it as a chance to earn extra love or a treat. It’s all about flipping your pets perception.



Let Them Sniff

Let your pet sniff all of your grooming supplies before you start. If they've never seen a certain tool such as a brush before, they become curious and if you don't allow them to sniff, they will become anxious. Start slowly with all grooming tools to get them used to the sensations and slowly but surely they will trust the process.


Stop When They Become Agitated And Wait

If your pet becomes antsy and irritated, stop what you're doing and give them a few minutes to relax. During this time you can give them praise and extra treats for being good. This lets them know that they're not being forced to be in an uncomfortable situation with no breaks, try again after they have calmed down.



Remember that the more often your pet is exposed to grooming, the more accepting and relaxed they will be during the process. Take it one moment at a time and let your pet set the pace. If they won't let you complete it in one day, you can always try again tomorrow, it's all about patience!




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