4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odors

4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odors

Imagine you’re sitting on your couch watching television when all of a sudden a horrid stench breaches your nostrils. You look around trying to decipher where the smell is coming from. Could it be the fridge? Maybe it’s the trash can? You look around and finally find the source looking at you straight in the face, literally. It’s your pets. You love them but that doesn’t mean you love the stink factor they bring with them. 


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Sweep and Mop Hard Floors

Remove all debris your pets create. Sweeping not only hair and dirt but pet dander as well. Sweep gently so that you don’t just spread the loose debris in the air. They might spread to other areas of your home. Once you’ve swept everything, go back and mop the floor to remove any missed dust and debris. Also add a cleaner liquid solution to spread a fresh scent in your home.


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Vacuum Everything

Your carpets and rugs can hold an incredible amount of hair, dust and dander. You’ll want to vacuum every inch of your home, especially the areas your pets like to frequent. It’s best to vacuum at least once every one to two weeks. After vacuuming, be sure to change or clean out the air filters to make sure your vacuum operates at its best.


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Wash All Linens

Send everything to the washing machine. This means all of your bed linens, the covers on the couch cushions and throw pillows, and anything else in your home that is machine washable. But the number one item to wash before all else is your pet’s bed! Just make sure that your pet’s bed is machine washable. If you want to learn how to get rid of pet odors in the couch, check out BusyBee for tips.


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Let in Some Fresh Air

You don’t have to do anything but open up a window every once in a while. That’s it! The air will do the rest. Letting in some fresh, crisp air will help circulate and push out the funky smell that lingered in your home. Plus, it’s always nice to feel a nice, cool breeze go through your home.

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