5 Pet Wellness Tips with Petique

5 Pet Wellness Tips with Petique

As pet parents, we want our pets to live long, happy, and healthy lives. Since October is  National Pet Wellness Month, it's a good time to remember the importance of checking up on your pet's wellness and making sure you're choosing a healthy lifestyle for your pets. These 5 pet wellness tips will help keep your pet healthy all year long!


Snuffle Mat Puzzle Pad

Pet obesity is a national problem. Obesity in pets limits mobility, discourages healthful exercise, an adds unneeded stress to their joints. Not only is a nutritious diet important, but also the pace at which they're eating. A slow feeder, like our Snuffle Mat Puzzle Padprevents most dogs from vomiting and this is due to the fact of smaller portions sizes of food being consumed at a time. This allows the food to digest more effective!


Reflective Leashes with Shock Absorber

Exercise is essential for both the mental and physical health of your pets. The amount of exercise your pets need depends on their size, breed, health and age. For cats, at least 15 to 20 minutes of exercise twice a day should help them stay active. However, dogs need at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. All pets are unique and may require more or less than others. A Reflective Leash with Shock Absorber is a great way to take your excited pets outside. If your pet loves to tug and pull, this leash with instantly ease the tension of their neck and your arm. 

Dental Care

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pet Toothbrush

You may not think so, but healthy teeth are an important part of your pet's overall health. Just like human teeth, plaque builds up and decay can set in. Bacteria in the mouth can spread to other parts of the body and can cause serious infections. A Bamboo Toothbrush is a great way to clean your pet's teeth and even better for the planet because it's made out of bamboo and boar's hair. Remember to be patient and not to force your pet to brush their teeth.

If you're having trouble with a toothbrush, a fun way for your pets to clean their teeth is to have them chew on something coarse, like hemp rope. Our Eco Hemp Pet Toys are designed with hemp rope that cleans your pet's teeth and massages their gums as they chew! In addition, hemp is the most durable, natural textile fabric on the planet with benefits including resistance to mold, and fights the growth and spread of bacteria.

Ear Hygiene

Odor Eliminating Ear Cleaner

Checking your pet's ears us something you should do on a regular basis. Some dogs naturally have healthy, clean ears and may almost never need to have their ears cleaned. While other dogs require regular ear cleaning to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris that could lead to ear infections. Dog breeds with long, hanging ears, such as Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, are among the highest of getting ear infections, but all breeds can develop them. Our Odor Eliminating Ear Cleaner instantly eliminates the odor in your pet's ear by dissolving and decomposing excess dirt, debris and ear wax. Great for sensitive ears, this ear cleaner is fragrance-free and does not contain any pharmaceuticals, synthetic chemicals, hydrocortisone (steroids), solvents or antibiotics.

Quality Time

5-in-1 Pet Stroller

Happiness is an important component in your pet's overall wellness, so don't underestimate the benefit of spending time with them! When pets are left alone without companionship or mental stimulation, they can become depressed or act out in destructive ways. A simple way to spend time is to play, take a walk, and even some cuddle time. Some pets don't have that simple luxury, whether it's being handicapped, old, or recently had surgery. A great work around this are pet strollers! Pet strollers can act like a wheelchair for pets. It allows them to get out and feel the breeze in their fur. 


Are you making healthy changes for your pets? What other wellness tips do you have for other pet parents? Let us know in the comments below!


About Petique, Inc. 

Located in Ontario, California, Petique, Inc. is a women owned business specializing in non-toxic pet supplies and consumables that help your dogs, cats, and small animals live a longer and healthier life. As pet owners, we share a passion in creating a safe, healthy and fun environment for your furry family members. We strive to create high quality pet products that conserve ecological resources whenever possible, while avoiding depletion of natural resources. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, product development and design, we take pride in creating eco-friendly and non-toxic items, reliable travel gear and innovative products. Contact us todayvisit our website or call (909) 673-0998.

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