4 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Pets

4 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Pets

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you could be feeling one of two ways: excited or disgusted. If you’re the latter, you are not alone! Literally! You know who never breaks your heart and is always there for you? Your pets! Why not spend your Valentine’s Day with those who really care.

Now that you’ve got your cute date, the only thing to decide now is, “How are you going to spend it?” Here are just some simple ideas to make your date feel special:

girl holding dog staring at the sea

Do Something They Love to Do

Whether it’s going to the beach or taking a stroll through their favorite park, remember it’s about what THEY like to do. You can use the Pet Stroller to make strolling anywhere a breeze. It’s large EVA tires and double front wheel are perfect for smooth rides. Not only does the pet stroller has a large storage basket for a picnic in the park, the pet stroller is designed to create all-around air circulation through its mesh windows.

white huskey eating treat out of someone's hand

Shower Them with Handmade Treats

Head to your local dog bakery or make a homemade treat filled with love! Cookies, cakes, or cupcakes! It doesn’t matter! All that matters is making sure that the ingredients used are safe and non-toxic to your pet. If you’re unsure of what’s safe for your dog to eat, here’s a list of Dangerous Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat.

If baking is not your thing, try the decadent, handmade, French-inspired dog treat macarons by Bonne et Filou! Their 100% natural recipe is handmade in the USA and free of artificial coloring or any preservatives. Their ingredients are all healthy for dogs, corn-free, wheat-free, and GMO-free, and sourced from local suppliers! 

puppy chewing on pet toy on grass

Gift Them New Toys

Just like how you would buy gifts or flowers for your date, do the same for your pets! A great toy would be the Eco Hemp Pet Toys are eco-friendly, cute, and fun. Did you know hemp is the most durable of all natural textile fabrics? It is naturally resistant to mold and fights the growth and spread of bacteria. 

If squeaky toys aren’t your pet’s thing, then try the Paw Me! Treat Ball. Paw Me! Treat Balls are squishy, yet durable round balls that keep your pets active as they stay busy pawing at the ball, trying to get their delicious treats out! With a hint of vanilla scent, your pets will find this ball irresistible. If all else fails, try going to your local pet store and have them pick out their own gift!

man hugging and kissing black dog

Capture the Moment with a Photoshoot

Get that camera out! It’s time to capture those memories of the awesome day you guys are going to have. Be sure to pick a well lit area to take your photos. If you don’t want to hire a professional photographer, get a friend to help take your photos. Trust us. You won’t want to keep any of those selfie photos. You can also wear matching outfits as the icing on the cake! 

How are you going to spend Valentine’s Day with your pets? Let us know in the comments below!

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