Top 6 Most Wanted Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

Top 6 Most Wanted Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

The holidays are just around the corner. That means it is time to go shopping for gifts for your loved ones. But let us not forget your dogs and your dog adoring family and friends. You don’t want to get them the same thing as last year. What you really want is a unique gift that will surprise your fellow pet lover while also being useful in the long-run. 


5-in-1 Pet Stroller: The 5-in-1 Pet Stroller was voted the winner in the Dog/Cat Travel Category by Pet Business Industry Recognition Award for 2019. When you have too many bags and not enough hands, the 5-in-1 Pet Carrier transforms into any pet carrier you need! You can carry it as a backpack, roll your pet around with the luggage feature, attach it to your luggage, attach it to the car like a car seat, or attach it to the 5-in-1 Pet Stroller Frame for your and your pet’s convenience.


Velvet Blanky: The Velvet Blanky pet blanket puts the “security” in security blanket. The super soft and fluffy material provides a sense of security when your pets snuggle into the blanket. The ultra soft material will make everybody want to get warm and cozy. You will want one for every room in the house!


Eco Hemp Pet Toys: The Eco Hemp Pet Toys are eco-friendly, cute and fun! Did you know hemp is the most durable of all natural textile fabrics? It is naturally resistant to mold and fights the growth and spread of bacteria. Each toy comes with at least one squeaker.These hemp toys are the perfect toys for your pets!

Pet Bed: The Majestic and Anchor’s Away pet bed are designed to take your pets to a cozy slumber. The angel hair fiber stuffing is carefully selected to prevent the pillow from losing its fluff after each use and wash. The soft and fluffiness of the beds help relieve any anxiety and stress your pets may have. Just watch as your pets melt into a deep slumber.


Treat Ball: The Paw Me! Treat Balls are squishy, yet durable, round balls that keep your pets active as they chase the ball around trying to get the treats inside! With a hint of vanilla scent, your pets will find this treat ball irresistible! Our treat balls are safe, fun and interactive. Keep your pets entertained and healthy with unlimited playtime.


Snuffling Mat: The Snuffling Mat keeps your pets busy and their brains engaged by hiding treats in between the fabrics. Your pets will promote their mental and physical stimulation by looking for their favorite treats! They are great for nose work training and an overall great way to help pets exert some of the energy built up in their system.

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