So, You Got a New Puppy?

So, You Got a New Puppy?

So, You Got a New Puppy?

Bringing home a brand new fur baby is such an exciting and special time. But are you prepared? Puppies require considerably more care and attention than older dogs, and their needs change as they grow. Don’t worry; our pet care expertise is unparalleled. We love offering tips, products and training suggestions to help ease your pet’s transition into a bona fide member of your family.



The first thing to remember? Puppies are still babies. Whether you picked yours out from a pack at a breeder or shelter, this might be the first time they have been separated from their mother. Bear in mind that your doggy needs lots of cuddles. We’re talking “cuddle city” here. Since it’s impossible to be with your pupper 24/7, a cozy dog bed (like Petique’s XS Round Bed) and a snuggly blanket (like our The Velvet Blankey Pet Blanket) can help comfort your new dog when you are unable to wrap them up in your arms of love.




Puppies need to learn how to master bladder control. So, take them to go potty after every feeding. Also, show them to the door once every three hours throughout the night. (Yeah, we know. This sucks. But it’s temporary and well worth the effort!) Start potty training your doggy when he or she is 12-16 weeks old. If you need potty-training ideas, check out resources on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as good old fashioned hard and soft-cover books.



Exercise Matters

Dogs require regular walks. Since puppies are dogs, they fall into this category without exception. Make sure the collar fits well and the leash is strong. We offer a wide variety of reflective leashes, in various sizes. Our smallest fits puppies perfectly. An important item on your puppy-training agenda relates to leash-manners. We recommend that you get Fido comfortable wearing a leash. Teach him how to politely walk beside you, before you even try to venture outside. Distracting sights, sounds, and smells might undermine your little one’s ability to focus. Until your pooch learns proper leash etiquette, you might want to acquaint her with the great outdoors by taking her in a specially-designed dog stroller. Our strollers are made by the same people who craft them for babies. So, the safe devices introduce your dog to interesting sights and smells without overwhelming her in the process.



Your new fur baby should eat 3-4 times a day. Establishing a consistent schedule to alleviate tummy troubles. Our Eco-Friendly 2-in-1 Pet Dish snaps together for easy travel. This makes it ideal for training your puppy to follow a feeding schedule. Consult with your veterinarian to ensure you’re feeding age-appropriate portions and types of food.


Play Time

Puppies exude energy. So, left unattended, they can wreak havoc on your house, as well as your Manolos. Schedule lots of daily play time with your dog. Buy him a variety of interactive toys - Petique’s Treat Balls, entertain overactive puppies.


With a little forethought, bringing home a new puppy can be low on stress and high on cuteness and puppy kisses.



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