So, You Got a New Kitten?

So, You Got a New Kitten?

So, You Got a New Kitten?

In last week’s post, we discussed bringing home a new puppy. This week, we delve into the exciting world of what it means to add a new kitten to your family and home.

Kittens are concurrently, lazy balls of velvety soft fur, and wild fierce hunters. Prowling around your home, they can seem aloof and self-sufficient. But they’re still babies. In addition to snuggles, kitties need a soft, warm bed (our X-Small Round Pet Bed is a perfect choice) to feel safe and cozy. As they mature, most cats enjoy an enclosed environment (such as our Eco-Friendly Cat House), where they can securely curl up.


Energy a Go-Go

Kittens are extremely energetic. Build plenty of daily interactive playtime into your routine. Activity is very important to a cat’s growth and development. It may also reduce mischievous (i.e. destructive) behavior. Cats instinctively try to hunt, pounce, flip, and roll. So, invest in toys that encourage this type of play. Something as simple as a piece of yarn provides hours of (highly entertaining) fun and exercise for your fur baby.



Your kitten’s habit of scratching things up may prove annoying and destructive. But understand there is a reason he goes crazy on anything and everything in his sight! According to The Humane Society, “Cats scratch for many reasons: to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, to mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent (they have scent glands on their paws), and to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws.” The key to protecting your furniture and carpet is to direct your kitten to appropriate places to scratch. Placing several of our Feline Loft Scratch Boards around will divert their attention while satiating the urge to scratch.



Your vet will recommend the best food for your kitten as well as the right age to introduce treats. Under The Sea Bites – Tuna Nuggets, a pet favorite, are made of all-natural ingredients. Contrary to what cartoons have taught us, milk is not the best liquid for cats. In fact, get this. Most cats are lactose intolerant! Just give them a regular supply of clean, fresh water.


Litter Traits

Most cats instinctually train themselves to use the litter box (wish human babies did that). But you must show them where to do their business. You may even want to set them in it the first few times, until they get the hang of it. Keep the box scooped and clean so it remains free from harmful odors, such as ammonia, which builds up in dirty boxes. Make sure you provide an adequately sized box for their size. And increase the litter box as your baby grows.



About Petique

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