How to Cure Your Dog’s Sleeping Problems

How to Cure Your Dog’s Sleeping Problems

How to Cure Your Dog’s Sleeping Problems

The old adage, “Let sleeping dogs lie”, is good advice, but how do you get them to sleep in the first place?

Most dogs need 12-15 hours of sleep a day. If your pooch has adapted to your sleeping schedule, she likely gets around 8-10 hours of sleep per night, and naps the remaining hours during the day. Generally, healthy active dogs don’t have sleep issues and easily get their full sleep allotment, but what if your dog has sleep issues? 


According to PetMD, some dogs have sleep problems, just like their humans. Generally speaking, sleep problems, such as Narcolepsy or Sleep Apnea, are the result of underlying health issues. However, perfectly healthy dogs may occasionally face sleep challenges as well. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as a new dog bed.

Here at Petique, we make several sizes and shapes of luxuriously cozy, high quality dog beds. 

Our Round Beds come in two sizes, tons of patterns, and are perfect for small doggers (and even their cat friends). 


Our rectangular Majestic Pet Bed was designed to take your pets into a deep, cozy slumber. It is luxurious and made with a carefully selected Angel Hair Fiber which holds its shape through washings. The bed comes in 2 sizes, to accommodate a variety of different-sized dogs. The medium can also be used in conjunction with our Bedside Lounge.


Speaking of our Bedside Lounge, this versatile pet bed may be the answer you’re looking for to help you get a good night sleep by getting your fur baby out of your bed. If your pooch has become accustomed to sleeping in your bed, but this is preventing you from getting your z’s, the Bedside Lounge is the perfect compromise. The lounge has two stories and fits right next to your bed, giving your dogger the comfort of your proximity, without interrupting your sleep with their movements. The bottom layer allows you to use it for multiple dogs, and it’s great for travel.


You know how much you love your new memory foam mattress? We have one for your dog! Petique’s Eco-Friendly Bamboo Memory Foam pet bed is especially wonderful for older dogs, as it supports and cushions their joints all night long. It’s good for your dog, and the environment!


The elation of successfully getting your fur baby to sleep through the night (and thus yourself) may be as close as a mouse click away!



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