HOW TO: Assemble and Disassemble the Bedside Lounge

HOW TO: Assemble and Disassemble the Bedside Lounge

Now that you have purchased the Bedside Lounge pet bed, we have made your life easier by creating a "HOW TO" video for all you visual people out there.

Getting a new product you have to assemble yourself can be exciting, give you anxiety or BOTH! I promise you, assembling and disassembling the Bedside Lounge is as easy as pie! I never understood the term "as easy as pie" because pie isn't the easiest to make for some people (haha) The whole point is, assembling the Bedside Lounge is EASY

Our Bedside Lounge was made to be easy for you to take on your travels. Just like a human baby's play pen, the Bedside Lounge conveniently folds down and fits into a travel tote we provide. Now you can bring the pet bed to Grandma's, the hotel or wherever you go!

Remember, the Bedside Lounge has brakes on all four wheels. To easily move the pet bed from one room to another, pull up on the brake tab to unlock the brakes and push down on the brake tabs to put the brakes on to prevent the Bedside Lounge from moving around.


The Bedside Lounge Pet Bed comes in two fashions:

Lion's Den Bedside Lounge Pet Bed in Brown

Zebra Vibes Bedside Lounge Pet Bed in Khaki


For more information on the Bedside Lounge:

  1. Click either links shown above, under the "two fashions"
  2. Read our "Bedside Lounge - A Bunk Bed for Pets" blog
  3. Watch our "What is a Bedside Lounge" YouTube Video.



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