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Looking to hit the trails with your pet? Pick up this bundle before hitting the trails!

Petique’s Trail Mix Bundle is perfect package for you and your pets to go explore with. Each item will help you through traveling to and from, hitting the trails, and for drink breaks. Your pet is sure to love this!


This bundle includes:

(1x) All Terrain Pet Jogger: Equipped with large bike tires with shock absorption and traction, your pets will experience a smooth ride! Our pet jogger is fit for humans of all heights. With our adjustable handle, you will feel comfortable pushing the All-Terrain Pet Jogger. After a day of adventures, the wheels on the jogger are easily removable, letting the All-Terrain Pet Jogger fold flat for easy storage.

(1x) The Backpacker Pet Carrier: The Backpacker Pet Carrier is the perfect travel necessity to bring your pets with you! The large quality mesh windows provide optimal ventilation throughout the pet carrier for your dogs, cats, and other small animals to feel relaxed and comfortable. After an incredible adventure out with your pets, The Backpacker folds flat for easy storage!

(1x) Portabowl Water and Food Bowl: Portabowl Water and Food Bowl is travel ready with its dual collapsible bowls and compact storage design that's easily washable and ready to use by pets of any shapes and sizes. Its double bowl design works as a full meal with food and water or feeding two furry friends at the same time. Durable and reusable, our foldable bowls can be painlessly detached and rinsed, wiped clean or placed in the dishwasher after each use.


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