Snuffling Mat for Mental & Physical Stimulation

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Petique, Inc.™ Snuffling Mat keeps your pets busy and their brains engaged by hiding treats in between the fabrics. Your pets will promote their mental and physical stimulation by looking for their favorite treats! Our snuffling mats are great for nose work training and a great way to help pets exert some of the energy built up in their system.



  • Encourages natural foraging skills and satisfies intellectual curiosity
  • Great for Nose Work training
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Fun
  • Interactive
  • Keeps pets busy
  • Relieves excess energy
  • Helps with mental and physical stimulation

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable (gentle machine wash with laundry wash bag)
  • Tumble dry low or line dry (we recommend line dry)


Patch of Grass: 
One size .4 LB
21.46" X 21.46"

One size .08 LB
10.1" X 25.99"