Nutty Feline Treat Dispenser -- Coming soon


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Petique’s Nutty Feline Treat Dispenser was designed to keep your cats healthy, busy and fed! The colorful feathers on the Nutty Feline Treat Dispenser acts like a “prey”. The acorn shaped treat dispenser has a weight on the bottom that makes the treat dispenser wobble back and forth, making your cat have to work for his treats! This is a good thing because a cat’s natural instinct is to want to capture their food. The cat working for his food, or shall we say hunting, is another form of healthy exercise a cat needs on a daily basis! Do you think your cat is nutty? Help them out with the Nutty Feline Treat Dispenser!



  • Tumbler design promotes curiosity and playful nature
  • Bell and feather topper provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Can help relieve anxiety, loneliness, destructive behavior.
  • Easy to assemble and load treats
  • BPA Free
  • Non-toxic
  • Sturdy weighed treat dispenser

Care Instructions

  • Use cloth to clean the surface
  • Air dry


One size 1 lb

4"W X 3.5" H