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Your cats will have a very Merry Christmas with our MEOWy Xmas Bundle, which comes with the Bungalow Eco Pet House, 1 Christmas Tree Scratch Board, and Biodegradable Eco 2-in-1 Pet Bowl.

Pet and Pets Bungalow Eco Pet House are great for cats and other small animals. Our cardboard pet houses are designed to relieve anxiety and stress. With four large double sided scratch boards inside and all around the house, your pets will be able to fulfill their natural needs and tendencies like grooming their claws. Made with quality and love, our sustainable houses are non-toxic and safe if accidentally consumed.

Petique’s eco-friendly 2-in-1 Pet Dish Bowl for your pets is plant based, eco-friendly, and travel friendly! You can snap them together and take them anywhere! It’s perfect for camping, hotel rooms, and even picnics at the park! It snaps together for easy travel and it doesn’t absorb odors. The best part about our Eco-Friendly Pet Dish is it’s made of plant based material, making it completely biodegradable and safe for your pets and the planet! You can have peace of mind knowing your pets are eating and drinking out of our non-toxic pet dish.

Petique’s long lasting Christmas Tree Scratch Boards are safe, non-toxic, and fun. Let’s get scratchin’! Our patented scratch boards can save quite a bit of money and waste for our customers and our environment. The long-lasting reversible panels in our scratch boards extend the products life, making this scratch board environmentally friendly and very cost-effective.
Most scratch boards are thrown away into the garbage after usage and only some will go to recycle. But if there is a compost option, this product can go straight to the compost pile and back to the earth without releasing any toxins. It is very safe to the environment and very safe for animals and humans.