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Petique’s Hemp Toy Bundle is designed for dogs, cats, and animals that love to chew! Each toy is designed with 100% hemp. Some toys also include squeakers and/or crinkly tails that your pets are sure to love!
Hemp is the most durable natural textile fabric on the planet with benefits including resistance to mold, fighting bacteria growth, and the spread of bacteria! The thick hemp rope that makes the body helps clean your pet’s teeth and messages their gums to improve their dental health. The hemp is also safe if your pet accidentally ingests it.
Your pets will be chewing, playing, and fetching to their hearts content!


  • FUN: Squeakers and/or Crinkly Tails
    • Mentally and Physically stimulates your pets when they play
    • Extra feet and ears with hemp for your pets to chew on
    • Durable hemp rope to hold, play fetch, and to play tug o' war
  • BUILT TOUGH: Sturdy and tough hemp rope for chewing, playing & fetching activities
  • SAFETY: Made with non-toxic material and durable hemp
  • CLEANING: The coarseness of the hemp helps clean your dog’s teeth
  • A variety of textures
  • CE Certified


  • For pets who love to chew
  • For pets who love to play
  • Hemp is safe if accidentally ingested
  • Pets that love to chew on ropes
  • Pets that love squeakers
  • Rope toys help massage your dog's gums
  • Rope toys help remove food particles that get stuck in their teeth, which reduces harmful bacteria or plaque build up in their teeth
  • Let us know in the reviews how the dog toys benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable with non-toxic soap or no soap at all
  • Hand wash with non-toxic soap or no soap at all
  • Air dry or line dry 
  • Monitor your pets while they play because if they chew apart the toy into tiny pieces, it can create a choking hazard. This goes for any toy you give your pets


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