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SOLD OUT - Feline Villa Cat House

SOLD OUT - Feline Villa Cat House

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Petique's Feline Villa Cat House is the perfect vacation home for cats who fancy some alone time. The Feline Villa was designed to emphasize your cat’s personal space, as well as help reduce stress and anxiety. Keeping the material in its neutral, non-toxic color serves to keep harsh chemicals away from your pets. With two secluded levels and two sunbathing roofs, your cats are going to have a hard time choosing whether they want to scratch, stretch, or sleep.
The Feline Villa Cat House is made of sustainable materials to protect your pets and the planet while allowing your cats to relieve their excess energy and natural tendencies like grooming their claws and relieving their aggression. It has three durable levels, multiple scratchboards, and various compartments to accommodate multiple pets. 


  • 100% eco-friendly materials to protect your pets and the planet
  • Three levels to accommodate multiple cats
  • Includes multiple scratchboards inside and outside the house
  • Very sturdy and easy to build
  • Non-toxic and completely safe if accidentally ingested
  • Easy to move around compared to the ones made of wood
  • Big enough to accommodate several cats, small dogs, bunnies, and other small animals
  • Cardboard is recycled and compressed to form strong panels
  • Compostable
  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradable


  • Cats scratch because it's part of their natural tendencies like grooming their claws, aggression, and marking their territory
  • Cats scratch when they are excited or frustrated
  • Helps protect your furniture because they have a scratch house as an alternative
  • 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic materials to protect your pets and the planet
  • Helps exert excess energy
  • Helps reduce stress/anxiety and helps them relax
  • Fun for bunnies too!
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Feline Villa Cat House benefits you and your pets

Care Instructions

  • For pets only
  • Keep in a dry area
  • Do not rinse or wash
  • Do not leave around heat
    • The cardboard will warp and soften
  • Place the product on a leveled floor or ground for stability
  • Do not allow children to climb or play inside the house to prevent possible danger


  • Product Size: 27.17"L x 22.83"W x 27.17"H
  • Product Weight: 13.12 LB
  • Supports pets up to 35 LB


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

This is the most expensive cardboard I have ever bought but that’s what my cats prefer so I was okay with it. It’s really great quality and pretty easy to put together with one person. My cat went in as I built it and she slept in the back cubby all day so it’s cat approved and I think it’ll hold up nice. One critique is that it only comes with 3 scratch boards in total, so the back lower and upper cubbies don’t have anything in them unless you put something in yourself. I put standard cat beds in and they fit well.

Would Recommend!

Cats just love it over some of the other things they have

Tanya A.

There are several cats in this household, & each one absolutely loves this cat house. I definitely need at least one more. My cats are obsessed (5-star rating is from the cats & me)!

Rachel Tissell
Perfect for multi-cat homes!

I have 6 cats (four are over 15 pounds), and was a bit doubtful about how long the Feline Villa Cat House would hold up. I was worried about the structural integrity of the second and third stories and it’s ability to hold over 30 pounds worth of cat, and also what would happen when my cats decided to start chewing on it (they love cardboard).

When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was how durable the cardboard felt. While building it, the structure itself felt solid as well. Once the Villa was all put together, several of my cats started to explore without any encouragement, and made themselves at home right away. The cardboard is extremely thick, and there are two pieces per wall; my biggest cat has given it his best effort to chew through the cardboard but is only able to make dents! The scratchers have held up beautifully over time as well, and all 6 of my cats adore it. They especially seem to love the height, and the fact that it is wide and deep enough that they can be around each other but not too close ;)

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with multiple cats and/or cats who love to chew cardboard. Speaking as someone who has cardboard boxes around her house in various stages of being destroyed, this product is beyond worth it. I have had the Villa for over 2 months now, and you can see in the pictures how well it’s worn over time (a regular cardboard box or scratcher typically has a lifespan of about a month tops in my home). I will definitely be buying more of Petique’s cat houses and scratcher, and begin phasing out the regular boxes!

Hope Nuxoll
Worth it

This is a high quality product. Very sturdy. It was a lot to put together but the kittens love it, so it was worth it. I have a friend who bought 1 and I noticed hers lasted 2 yrs. Yes it got beat up but 2 yrs later it's still standing and strong, so I had to get one. Glad I did.

"I had been looking for a longtime for a new stroller for my Maine coon kitties as my older one was not strong enough for them. When this arrived I was blown away by the size and how strong & sturdy this stroller is! My big cats love going for walks in this."


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