Cat Father's Day Bundle


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Get your Cat Dad something amazing this Father's Day when you these products together and get a discount!

Included in this Bundle:

  • Biodegradable 2-in-1 Pet Bowl for your pets is plant based, eco-friendly, and travel friendly! You can snap them together and take them anywhere! The best part about our Eco-Friendly Pet Dish is it’s made of plant based material, making it completely biodegradable and safe for your pets and the planet!
  • Tippy Peak Eco Pet House are great for cats and other small animals. Our cardboard pet houses are designed to relieve anxiety and stress. With three large double-sided scratch boards inside and all around the house, your pets will be able to fulfill their natural tendencies like grooming their claws.
  • Litter Magic Odor Eliminator helps your cat's litter last longer! When adding fresh litter, generously sprinkle layers of Litter Magic between your cat’s litter for maximum odor control. Our powerful photocatalyst technology instantly absorbs and eliminates foul odors coming from liquid and solid waste, leaving the litter box and surrounding area fresh!