Critter Hideout Sleep and Play House

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Petique's Critter Hideout adds indoor enrichment by providing a space to play and explore for a variety of small animals. Used as a stand-alone play area for tunneling and burrowing, the Critter Hideout provides a cozy, secure hideout for exercising and sleeping. Keep your pets entertained for hours as they run through the tunnel and curl up inside after a productive day of play. Small pets, who love hiding and sneaking, will make this their new playhouse and new bed.


  • Comfort, security & a great place to cuddle
  • Provides comfortable and fun environment.
  • Tunnel provides security for cats to play, nestle, and cuddle in
  • Keeps pets busy
  • Designed to give your pet a sense of security
  • Durable fabric to resist scratching

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable (gentle machine wash with laundry wash bag), delicate cycle and tumble dry on no heat
  • Do not bleach
  • Keep away from heat or open flame


21.65" X 10.82" X 6.69"