3 Layered Fabric Face Mask with Photocatalyst

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At Petique, nothing goes to waste! Petique's stylish, protective Face Masks is upcycled with extra materials from our limited edition Round Pet Beds and Comfy Mats and impregnated with Photocatalyst Technology. Unlike other face masks, ours is reusable and consists of 3 protective layers: 100% cotton, 100% soft polyester and durable non-woven cloth. A flexible nose strip is inserted inside the mask and contain adjustable straps to secure around any face shape comfortably. The durable and breathable cotton material must be hand-washed gently with soap. You'll look great, reduce waste, and protect you and your loved ones all at the same time!

Fun Fact: Our Fabric Face Masks are handmade in Taiwan, one of the top 5 countries around the world providing relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Child Size: 5.6" X 4"

Adult Size: 7" X 4.13"