Chin pimples and whisker fatigue? Your cats are sensitive beings who express their feelings and emotions through their voice and body language. Backed by research, we have designed chemical free cat products made specifically to help with your cats natural tendencies and aggression, as well as your cats safety to play and sleep!


Petique Instant Odor Eliminator X+ kills bacteria odors using photocatalyst technology, which is green chemistry that uses the air...
  Petique’s Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator gets rid of the toughest stains and strongest odors. If it smells, it’s...
  Petique's Litter Magic Odor Eliminator is designed to help your litter last a lot longer and smell...
  Petique Odor Eliminating Ear Cleaner with Photocatalyst Technology is so powerful, it will instantly eliminate the odor...
Deep Clean Bundle
Petique's Eco-System Collection kills bacteria odors! If it smells, it’s gone! You don’t want to get caught living...
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