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Bumblebee Reflective Leash

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Petique's Bumblebee Reflectiful Leash in yellow is aesthetically amplified as the reflective strips woven amongst the patterns captures glimpses of light. Do you have a puller on your hands? Our shock absorbing feature heightens the ergonomics of Petique's Reflectiful Leashes, making walks with your pets more enjoyable.

Tips: The thinner leash is recommended for light weight pets and the thicker leash is more suitable for heavier pets. For dogs that tug and pull, the shorter leash is highly recommended.


  • Strongly braided leash contains sewn-in reflective material
  • Light weight Shock Absorber
  • Instant control with any size dog
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sleek pleather accent 
  • Lightweight


  • Large 3/4" x 48"
  • Extra Large 3/4" x 24"
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